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article imageVolcano erupts near Tokyo, spewing ash over the city

By Kesavan Unnikrishnan     Feb 2, 2009 in Environment
Japan's Mount Asama volcano has erupted, spewing a plume of smoke more than 1.6 km high and raining down ash in parts of Tokyo. No injuries have been reported so far.
Mount Asama is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan, and is known to erupt from time to time. The volcano had an eruption on Monday morning throwing chunks of rock about 1,000 metres away from the volcano. Early this morning, people in Tokyo, 90 miles away from the volcano, woke up to fine white powder over their streets and cars.
Japanese meteorological agency warned that volcanic activity will continue for the time being. It said in a statement.
Since July last year, magma had accumulated in shallow places of the mountain within one kilometer below the ground, and an eruption could have occurred at any time. There is a possibility that the volcanic activity will continue for the foreseeable future.Caution is necessary as snow may melt and cause an avalanche of mud.
Japan, which lies in the ring of fire is home to 10% of the World's total number of volcanoes. The worst eruption in recent memory, occurred at Mount Unzen in 1991, killing 43 people. Monday saw active volcanic activity across the world, with two volcanoes in Japan and another in eastern Russia erupting overnight, spreading ash as far as the Philippines and Vietnam.
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