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article imageCouple Under Glass in Hotel Room: Voyeurs Welcome

By M Dee Dubroff     Feb 1, 2009 in Lifestyle
Reminiscent of that rare delicacy, Pheasant Under Glass, this London couple has volunteered to go on display at a hotel in New York City. Why is the question and you really should read on for some non-answers.
Duncan Malcolm and Katherine Lewis are a London couple that have been given a five-star hotel room in New York in return for participating in a strange project that allows passers-by to watch their every move. According to news sources, the couple are staying in a specially created ground-floor suite at the boutique of the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow anyone passing by to get a full view of their comings and goings. There are curtains provided but according to the terms of this most shadowy project, the couple must keep them open between 4:30 and 7:30 pm. Their only privacy is in the bathroom, which is off limits and out of view.
Mr. Malcolm and Miss Lewis had already arranged to stay at the hotel before they agreed to participate in the project. They are expected to stay for six days. A spokesman for the hotel said they chose the couple because they were young, attractive and outgoing. Although intended as a one-time experiment, other couples have requested a chance to be under glass, so to speak. (For a view of the actual couple, go to the link provided.)
Real Live Billboards, a marketing company came up with this rather odd idea following a similar project last December, when US boxer, Tor Hamer, sparred in the hotel's front window. Chief executive, Matt Semler, said:
“We want people to think of this as a live reality show. You will be able to watch the young couple resting, eating, arguing, and seeing them at their best and their worst while they visit the Big Apple. You can watch their every move without fear of getting arrested for being a peeping Tom.”
So welcome those tired, poor and huddled masses of peeping toms with nothing to do and nowhere to go on a Saturday night in the Big Apple. Come to the Roger Smith Hotel and feast your eyes on a new breed of pheasant under glass!
Go figure.
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