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GOP Governors Give Their Support To Obama's Stimulus Bill

By Can Tran     Jan 31, 2009 in Politics
So far, there is a clash within the GOP in regards to United States President Barack Obama’s stimulus package. GOP Governors are pushing their support for the stimulus package.
The hefty $800+ billion stimulus package proposed by United States President Barack Obama was passed through the United States House of Representatives. It was a bittersweet victory for Obama. It had a sweet taste because the bill passed through the US House. It had the bitter aftertaste because none of the House Republicans gave their support for the bill. As a result, there was no GOP support in the House.
So far, it was reviewed in two articles (one by the Associated Press and one by U.S. News) that a good portion would be used for programs. The analysis by AP gave its criticism. The article by U.S. News explained how the stimulus would help those who have just been laid off.
Currently, the stimulus bill is on the US Senate floor. So far, House Republicans gave unanimous opposition. It is unknown whether or not there will be unanimous opposition from Senate Republicans. So far, the GOP Governors are going to press their colleagues in the US Senate to support the bill.
Now, GOP Governors are weighing in on the situation. They have split from their Congressional peers. So far, Obama’s stimulus package is getting support from most if not all of the GOP Governors.
Two such governors giving support are Charlie Crist of Florida and Sarah Palin of Alaska. Palin was the VP-running mate for GOP rival Senator John McCain of Arizona during the 2008 US Election year.
Palin plans to meet with Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Republican leader. She will be meeting with other senators. In this respect, Palin will urge Senate Republicans to support the stimulus.
Crist has been talking with House Republicans on the matter. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that if he was still in Congress, he would oppose the bill; but, he said that he would accept the stimulus money.
So far, Clyde Frazier of North Carolina’s Meredith College gives his insight. He said that it is not uncommon for GOP Governors and Congressional Republicans to split on matters. He explains that it is free cash for the governors. At the same time, Congress has to front the dime.
Overall, the GOP Governors are pleading their cases. At the same time, the National Governors Association (a bipartisan group) is urging the stimulus bill to be passed.
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