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Is Famine Coming to America?

By Carol Forsloff     Jan 30, 2009 in World
If you take some preachers and books literally, you will be panicked enough about potential famine to start storing food now. In some pulpits, books, magazines and Internet sites folks are predicting serious food shortages and famine in America.
Who is making this type of pronouncement and is it a possibility? A few in a small town called Natchitoches, Louisiana have made the prediction that the wars and famines may be signaling Christ's coming, but what do others think?
On a Christian website someone by the name of Kay Arthur warns of impending famine in America. God has spoken to her and revealed that because the United States has adultery and other sins, it will be punished by having famine. Because of this, people must now turn to God in order to save themselves, she declares. Her statements came during early 2008.
By November the warnings came louder, on a screaming headline on a website that makes the statement that “Famine is Coming to America” in bold, red letters, after which it is said, “Store Food Soon.”
One dire prediction on the web is that the end of America is coming soon. Sherry Shriner believes that the enemies of God’s people will organize the United States into 10 regions, then take people by train to incinerators. People will then be taken to underground places where they will be incinerated. She goes on to say,
“Many of the coming weather disasters are man-made for the very purpose of causing death and destruction and the implementation of martial law. I think the reason this plan of incineration will eventually be pushed aside and switched to beheadings is because they will need the bodies of the murdered people to eat to survive on. By this time the coming famine will be bad throughout the country and the world...and humans will become food.
After giving vivid details of how that extermination and eating of people takes place, Shriner goes on to declare,
“It won't be the same country that it once was, the Satanists who rule behind the scenes won't be hiding who they are anymore...Obama, George, Hillary, they're all snakes from hell who worship THE SNAKE.”
To many people these writings may appear irrational beliefs, but given the number of disasters, anticipated disasters, economic warnings, weather problems, violence through wars, more and more people are coming forward and making declarations about the end times, including issues about starvation. There are, however, legitimate concerns about seeds and regeneration.
Ron and Cheryl Barber, who were interviewed for this article in Saline, Louisiana, emphasize that it is likely a good idea for people to learn to plant food because it's practical, saves money and could become essential. They, like another source , talk about terminator vs heritage seeds and advise folks to make sure they buy the latter. Terminator seeds are the type that don’t allow plant offspring or germination, where heritage seeds do. Of course, the same website goes on to consider government plots and farm biases towards keeping seed companies in control, but no matter there is some agreement with a conservative food-planter that the type of seed for growing food is important.
So is famine coming to America? Some soothsayers and religious folk may say so, but within the conservative view, there is still concern about the future of food on a global scale. The Catholic Relief Service states that we face a global food crisis. Their website details the areas where food crises are presently happening or anticipated to occur.
We may not know if famine is coming to America, but given the Catholic Relief Service’s concerns, it’s likely many of us might want to learn to farm our own forty.
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