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Inside the saga of Phoenix Sinclair

By Lisa Lach     Jan 27, 2009 in Crime
It started out as a modern day Brady Bunch sequel, single mother meets single father they fall in love, cohabitate and have another two children. They were supposed to be the modern day image of the Brady Bunch family.
Wrong. Another monster is among us on Manitoba's Fisher River Indian reserve. Their names are Samantha Kematch and Karl McKay. Samantha an alleged crack addict and Karl a working trunk driver. Both now convicted in the first-degree murder of Phoenix Sinclair.
In June of 2005 Karl McKay found Phoenix's lifeless body on the basement floor on a pile of clothes where he left the five year-old after telling her to "shut up" and threw her. McKay and Samantha went to McKay’s nearby father's house and upon returning McKay tried to resuscitate poor Phoenix Sinclair. After he couldn't revive her, the couple drew a bath and tried again. When that didn't work he wrapped her in plastic and buried her near a dumpster. His own two boys turned him in months later.
"I wish it had never happened," McKay said, crying. "Maybe now she can rest in peace."
Just when you think tot mom Casey Anthony can top the worst mother of the year award, Samantha Kematch proves otherwise.
After her daughter's death she did not report it to the police, but in fact, tried to pawn off another girl off as her own to the welfare authorities. Child Welfare started an investigation but failed another child yet again. It wasn't until months later that Samantha's stepsons would turn her and their father in to face first-degree murder charges. At the trial it was unveiled the horrific circumstances in which Phoenix Sinclair endured while being terrorized by her own mother and stepfather. This is only a sample of what that poor 5-year endured in her short life.
Both her mom and step dad beat Phoenix Sinclair regularly.
She was beaten at times with a metal rod.
Shot at by a pellet gun, "just for the hell of it."
Stomped on by McKay and starved by her mother.
They blamed each other for Phoenix's ordeal, McKay has since admitted he's made a mistake and is paying for it.
Although admitting he made a big mistake and will have to pay for it, does he really think sitting in a jail being fed by the people, being clothed by the people, being educated by the people and being kept safe from the people is paying for repeatedly terrorizing, kicking and beating a 5 year-old little girl that resulted in her death?
"I didn't kill my daughter," says Miss Kematch, the jury thought otherwise. They are facing life in jail without parole.
Samantha Kematch is currently appealing her conviction and is back in the news.
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