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article imageChildren with Progeria are "Benjamin Button" in Reverse

By Carol Forsloff     Jan 22, 2009 in Entertainment
Benjamin Button is a movie that has won 13 Oscar nominations. Those who have seen it find it a delightful and worthy movie. The film covers the life of someone who is old at birth and gradually becomes younger.
It discusses the pleasures and the heartaches of someone who might have that type of life. Brad Pitt is delightful in the lead and is said to play his part with sympathy and compassion. But Benjamin Button is just a story.
There are true stories about rare folks whose lives are dramatically different, just like Buttons was, although his was a made-up one. These people begin life as infants and age so quickly that they begin to have the characteristics of the old within their childhood years.
The condition called progeria is so rare that there are only 40 known cases in the world. Those who suffer from this condition have baldness, dwarfism, wrinkles, hardening of the arteries and osteoporosis. Many have diabetes. They age twice as fast as normal people do. Most of them die of heart disease before the age of 15.
90% of the children with progeria have a special genetic abnormality. It usually occurs without a cause and doesn’t necessarily run in families, according to Medline.
In spite of the problems the children with progeria have, the devotion to them can be seen by a number of websites devoted to educating the public and sharing experiences. One of them shows pictures of some of these children, smiling and happy just as normal children.
To remove the stigma, the misunderstanding and misconceptions about the rare disorder progeria, there are websites with a medical base as well as personal websites. Some videos such as the one with this article shows a young person who smiles and delightfully talks about school and other things that children enjoy. It shows the aging of the child that is characteristic of progeria.
Benjamin Button finds joy in his life, as the film depicts. The video shows joy this child has found as well. It demonstrates that in the midst of difficulty individuals can find a measure of happiness, the theme of the film and likely the theme of the video that someone made of the rare, but seemingly happy, child.
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