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British Gym rids itself of Dumbbells and adds Human Belles?

By Nikki Weingartner     Jan 20, 2009 in Lifestyle
When it comes to working out, overcoming those pesky plateaus can be quite an obstacle. A gym in London, England has stepped outside the box and adopted a new weight training program: human weights.
If you visit Gymbox in Bank, London, UK, don't be shocked when you head for the weight training machines. Instead of switching out plates, you will now be switching out live human bodies.
In an effort to encourage members in their workouts, Gymbox says out with the traditional dumbbells and in with the, well, not so dumb belles. With modified weight machines, humans adorned in black body suits labeled with their weight sit in place of those old lead plates. Sound odd?
According to gym owner, Richard Hilton, the human weights are actually the
"ultimate embodiment of visualisation theory" and "proven to improve physical and psychological performance."
One of the added benefits of having a human weight on the machine is that it can provide ongoing encouragement or motivation. Honestly, what's more motivating than your weight pointing its finger in your face telling you to pump out ten additional reps?
For weight training options, members can pick from five different human weights ranging from around 30 kg to 155 kg, including two dwarfs who are on the smaller end of the weight range. It is unknown if the weights are on a rotating schedule or only available during peak hours.
Gymbox is known for its unique methods with classes like "Boob Aerobics", "Bitch Boxing" and the "Shag Workout" so adding some human weights is nothing new when it comes to their adult oriented training methods.
The dead lift and preacher curl have just taken on a whole new meaning and hopefully they don't start combining the human weights and the shagging classes during the same block of time or the next class offered could be Lamaze.
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