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UFOs Blamed for Mysterious Destruction of Wind Turbines

By M Dee Dubroff     Jan 20, 2009 in Environment
In Conisholme, Lincolnshire, England, the mysterious destruction of wind turbines has been attributed to UFOs. Read on for more details, but pay close attention to the skies outside your window.
According to news sources, six local residents reported sightings of colorful spheres in the sky on the night before the damage was discovered. Some even insisted that “tentacles” emerged from the objects. One woman, Dorothy Willows,
Claimed that she clearly saw a “low-flying object skimming across the sky towards the turbines.” The next morning, a 213 ft fiberglass turbine on a nearby a farm was damaged. One of its 65 ft blades was ripped off and another was bent out of shape.
Some have theorized that a that a block of frozen urine or a mechanical failure may have caused the problem, but Dale Vince, founder of the energy who owns the wind farm said:
“It sounds unbelievable but actually we don't have any explanation at the moment.”
Robert Palmer of East Lindsey District Council admits that he hasn't ruled out the possibility of flying saucers.
“I would be very interested to find out what it was," he said. "If we are being looked at by other people, by other planets, it would be interesting to find out why they have chosen this part of the country.”
What caused the destruction to the turbines?
In the words of an eloquent, brilliant , bearded Elizabethan bard who did very well for himself:
“There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy, my dear Horatio.”
Sleep well.
I know I won’t.
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