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article imageWank Punter Drop Unlubricated On Rock’n’Roll Heaven

By Lenny Stoute     Jan 18, 2009 in Entertainment
Already a TV hit in the US, T.Dot's notorious crew of glammed up sex funksters Wank Punter drop their debut album, Unlubricated, Tuesday. Can't think of a tarter antidote to the saccharine saturated ObamaRama we'll be sucking up that day.
All pumped from their warmup gig at the Horsehoe Tuesday, Wank Punter are go for debut album Unlubricated’s release party at Rock'n'Roll Heaven (1660 O’Connor Drive) Friday night.
Pyro restrictions and a shorter set time at the “Shoe curbed the WP throwdown somewhat but there was enough to put that “What the ...” look on the faces of a couple of dudes which could only mean one thing. They were in the band which had to follow Wank Punter, not fun. As they’re headlining at Rock’n’Roll Heaven, you won’t see that particular look but they’ll be lots to catch the eye,
Wank Punter is a band on a mission but it’s not the one you might think. The flamboyant sextet of porn rockers, known for their outrageous live shows and slippery lyrics, are frequently mistaken for horned up glam rockers out for nothing but a good time.
Nothing wrong with that, guitarist and architect of the Wank Punter sound Feedback asserts but its really not the whole story.
“Wank Punter is all about female empowerment and liberation. We just come at it from a different angle. We write songs that for instance look at the situations of sex trade workers and the negative stereotypes they’re saddled with”.
Like Jay Reatard and AIDS Wolf, Wank Punter gets serious stick for its nomenclature, even before folks have heard a lick.
“Agents, bookers, we’ve been told straight up they don’t approve of what we do. This is usually based on a visit to the website where I suppose they interpret images to fit their preconceptions about this band.
“For instance, theres this feeling the songs are all about the most debauched behaviours, told in the most disgusting lyrics.
“Sure, we revel in wordplay and innuendo to the max but isn’t that more creative than a whole lot of gratuitous swearing?”
Feedback claims Wank Punter material is informed by his many years as a content provider in the flesh industry.
Most Wank Punters tunes are insider takes on common socio-sexual happenings in both the porn and regular worlds. Most often, the observations are coming from a humorous place and Feedback claims WP doesn’t get enough credit for being funny.
What’s undeniable is that they’re smart enough to keep flipping the script. While the band walks some provocatively thin lines on such as “Nubian Princess” and “Curse”, the bouncy “Supersize Me” is pure fun, “Driver” turns the gender tables in a sexual trade-off and “ A Girl Like You” is all about the yearning for that transcendent woman you’ll never have because deep down you know you won’t know what to do with her.
The over the top costumes and makeup send a message nobody’s taking any of this too seriously.
Wank Punter reference the pit bands that provided the music for the ladies back when peeling was called burlesque. This type of band had to be hip to the popular music of its time and Wank Punter is on point with its mashup of power funk, glam rock and nu-metal.
It’s a sound that’s appeared on Gene Simmons Family Jewels and put the band a number of times on Playboy TV’s Night Calls show. This translates into an easier ride for the band in the US but Feedback's committed to doing the breakthrough in reverse. The man wants a hometown appreciation of what Wank Punter’s about and the good they do.
“Fact is porn has a much more prominent place in the American cultural mainstream and that works to Wank Punter’s benefit. But Canada is beginning to get it more and more. All those shops and websites selling kinky gear and sex toys aren’t surviving on sex trade workers alone. “
Which is why Feedback maintains the live payoff for the band is in watching an audience latch onto the Wank Punter spirit.
“We were setting up in a club one night and a fairly demure young woman was hanging out asking about the show. I told her it was not uncommon for females to get onstage and try to outdo our dancers. “Gawd, that’s nasty, I could never do that”, she responded.
“At some point during the show I looked over and there she was beside the dancers, flashing and grinding up a storm and having the time of her life”.
With a charged-up lead singer, duelling guitars, two backing singers, three dancers and a heavy-hitting backline, there should be action aplenty. Feedback promises a full run through of Unlubricated’s 13 tracks, though not necessarily in the album order.
" I like to leave room for some kind of happening, either front stage or back, that might shape the set that night. More fun for the band".
And this guy knows from fun.
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