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article imageEarth gets much more solar radiation than believed

By Adriana Stuijt     Jan 17, 2009 in Science
The earth's magnetic field does not stop all the solar wind's high-radiation particles from the sun - protons and electrons streaming from the sun, NASA's Themis mission has discovered. Scientists were shocked to discover that much radiation gets through.
These new findings have overturned a longstanding belief about the interaction between solar particles and Earth's protective magnetic field.
This new discovery by scientists working at NASA in the United States could also help scientists worldwide predict exactly when the solar storms that can disrupt power grids, satellites and GPS signals so badly - and cause massive storms -- would be especially severe. see
Another good reason for people to protect their skins much more from solar radiation than most have been doing thus far. The often extreme measures taken by Australia's government health officials, warning constantly against people exposing themselves to the sun too much, thus must be taken much more seriously by the rest of the world, too.
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