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Bored dog-walker develops dog-powered scooter

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 17, 2009 in Technology
A dog owner was bored with the dog-walking process so he created a unique dog-powered scooter. He says the device doesn’t exploit dogs and requires very little energy.
The device looks sort of like a Segway but is instead powered by dogs. It was created by Mark Schuette from Oregon.
The standard scooter named “Tadpole” has a skateboard-like pad with handles and after an initial push by the owner, the dog takes over and pulls the adjacent scooter along via the harness. The scooter and the harness cost $560 (£380) and there are additional options and features.
It is meant to give the dog a good workout. Schuette says with time the riders and the dogs will easily adjust to riding this scooter without any problems.
Schuette told Daily Mail that dogs are not mistreated with this vehicle.
'The location and the way the dog is harnessed into the scooter was designed to be neutral to the units handling, and place no weight on the dog.
From the video one can see that it gives a good workout to the dogs but the owner hardly gets any exercise.
If you want a dog-powered scooter, you can purchase it here.
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