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Sexy Job on Internet, Prostitute as Avatar

By Carol Forsloff     Jan 16, 2009 in Lifestyle
Being sexy without getting really physical can make a dream job. That's if there is real money in it. Who knows in ths case.
Second Life is one of those Internet sites that allows people to become anyone or anything they want. On this particular site an individual can assume a new identity, a dream image, as a way of escaping perhaps a humdrum world or becoming a fantasy that has been wished for. This particular transformation to prostitute on "Second Life" is certainly creative. But will it pay like the real thing?
Palela Alderson, a 26 year-old Italian woman, has obtained her spot on this virtual world called Second life in order to live out what she has determined might be her own fantasy life as a hooker or prostitute. She has told a reporter that she had long been fascinated with girls who gave sex for a living and couldn't do it herself. This way she is able to live out her dreams, her fantasies and find out what the world of the prostitute might be from a different kind of experience, in a world she creates online. She also has purchased a cell phone and taken out advertisements in order to make a real business out of what she has created as an image to titillate male admirers.
Then Alderson went ahead, created an account and is now charging money for her services, which approximate $9 to $13 real-world dollars. That isn't the high-priced call girl, but it's money for doing something that Alderson believes is a dream job.
Wonder if Alderson will hire a pimp with the money to increase that income to realistic levels.
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