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article imageHowie Gives The Scoop On Fainting And His Heart

By KJ Mullins     Jan 15, 2009 in Health
Howie Mandel says he fainted like a 'little girl' Tuesday evening. This was following a procedure on his heart earlier in the day. He was well enough to report back to work Wednesday after a night at Saint Michael's Hospital.
It was discovered on the set of his latest venture "Howie Do It!" that the actor, 53, had a irregular heart beat. When he had an electrocardiogram it also showed the irregular heartbeat. At that point doctors suggested that Mandel have a cardio inversion. He had the treatment on Tuesday.
The Associated Press quotes Mandel on the treatment.
"I think it's called cardio inversion," Mandel said. "They put you under and they take the defibrillator and they shock you and zap! Your heartbeat goes back to normal because you changed the electrical current. . . . Like a reboot."
It is fairly common for people to have an irregular heart rate. The Heart and Stroke Foundation says that the treatment is used to restore a normal heart rhythm from an abnormal rhythm. While atrial fibrillation is not life-threatening it can cause the heart to pump to fast. The day of the procedure patients are asked not to eat or drink for eight hours prior to the treatment. Patients are also told not to use lotion before the treatment.
Most patients are sedated for the treatment for comfort reasons. It is an outpatient procedure. For the rest of that day patients are asked not to drive or operate heavy equipment. Patients need someone to give them a ride home.
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