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The Nemesis called Alzheimer

By Bodhisattva Banerji     Jan 15, 2009 in Health
Alzheimer is slowly but steadily becoming the front-runner to cause the maximum damage to human society throughout the world. The disease has all the features for causing maximum damage to not only developing but the developed nations, as well.
According to a latest published report the Alzheimer could be the most dreaded disease in recent future. In a recent published survey the Canadian Alzheimer Society has predicted that no sooner than the next generation, the world will be having at least one in four families affected with the disease. While pointing out to this fact, the reports quoted the Canadian Alzheimer Society which remained busy fighting with this reality getting recognized by the annual Alzheimer Awareness Month.
Till now, the reports suggested, that the campaign stressed over the value to treat the disease in a national priority basis. The reports are ample to show, that from as young as the baby boomers to the middle-aged men and women, the disease, while striking, is not differentiating much. While contacted by media, Mary MacDonald, the coordinator for the Alzheimer Society's Campaign, stated that young people were facing Alzheimer's in a dramatic way. While explaining her sentence she stated that when they considered the scope of the numbers, the realization that the need for learning about this killer disease is of a vital importance becomes more clear. According to her the disease could affect anyone in the family, including one's parents, aunts, uncles or even the grandparents.
As per some latest reports, the numbers of affected people have increased in an overwhelming way in the recent past. The reports that were released last week in the occasion for launching of the awareness campaign, quite clearly indicated that almost around 500,000 in Canada, alone, are living with Alzheimer's or even some other related diseases.
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