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article imageEat well, exercise for a long and healthy life

By Nanditha Ram     Jan 14, 2009 in Health
Scientific research is reinforcing what common sense has been telling us for sometime now. Eat right and shake a leg if you want to live a long and healthy life.
A new report is doing the rounds. It’s telling us that the keys to a healthy and long life are healthy food and enough exercise. That much is actually common knowledge. However, the British nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Ageing Report is elaborating on this fact by telling you what you can eat to keep your brain and other vital organs healthy as you age.
The experts who compiled this report are saying that vitamins, omega-3, calcium and fiber, coupled with a brisk walk or a run in the park, can actually ward off illness, enhance cognitive intelligence and keep you agile and fit as you add on years.
Vitamin B12, found in fish, eggs and milk, vitamin D found in oily fish and sunlight, calcium from calcium-rich dairy products, vitamin A from those lovely orange carrots and a diet generally rich in fresh fruit and vegetables will keep you mentally and physically on top.
Throw in some regular exercise and you will be fit as a fiddle, the experts add. This report, compiled by scientists from British universities claim that a combination of the right food and activities such as dancing, gardening, walking or stretching, will keep you in the pink for as long as you live.
So get off that couch and get on a bike or go for a swim. Your body will appreciate it. And remember not to say “no” to those leafy greens anymore.
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