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If broken early, the Scope of Rapprochement is Lesser

By Bodhisattva Banerji     Jan 12, 2009 in Lifestyle
If broken early the scope for the rapprochement is lesser for any couple. Researchers point out that reviving any relationship is much easier when the breach of trust takes place later phase of relationship.
Trust, it has been stated in numerous occasions, remains the keyword in any relationship. Once it gets broken the relationship suddenly experiences a bouncy road ahead and the going gets all the more difficult. However, as the researchers are saying now, the going gets much tougher if the breach of trust happens earlier in any relationship. It becomes more and more easier, as per the latest studies, to do away the seeds of mistrust when that takes place early in any relationship.
But why is it so? While answering, the studies say that the violations that took place early could be thoroughly devastating. The events can and in most cases do plant seeds of doubt that never goes away.
According to Mr. Robert Lount, co-author of the study and assistant professor of management and human resources at Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, that the first impressions matter when one is interested building a lasting trust. If one by any chance, gets off on the wrong foot, the relationship may never be on the fully right path once again. He further stated that it was easier rebuilding the trust after a breach when one already has a strong bond.
He concluded by saying that this was against the popular notion that great relationships actually started off on a bad note.
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