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Father-Daughter Incest Takes Place While Mom Sells Porn

By Carol Forsloff     Jan 12, 2009 in Crime
Florida is full of riveting crime stories now. In addition to the Caylee Anthony case, where a mother is accused of killing her own child, there is a case involving incest that is in the news right now.
It brings attention to an alarming type of abuse that happens much too frequently. In fact authorities consider it one of the most prevalent forms of child abuse.
A media station in Florida reported a father and daughter arrested in Flagler Country in Florida. Kristilyn Smith, the daughter, was accused of having incest with her father. The daughter was out on a $25,000 bond, the father with a $925,000 one because he was charged as well as having sex with the daughter. But the worst and most difficult part for most people to believe is the mother, Tina Marie Smith, who is charged with selling porn. The age of none of them has been disclosed. One wonders if the porn she sold involved her daughter and husband. But it is now all in the family with a sexual crime that goes on far too often, according to experts.
In this case all three of these people shared a home. The news, reported four days ago, hasn’t detailed as yet the length of time this incestuous relationship had been going on, but the fact that it was open and known about by the wife is a shocker for sure.
Last August Australian news was filled with the story about a man and his daughter living together and advocating their incestuous relationship, as MSNBC reported, and even showed a video of their discussions. The pair have two children together.
In Austria a man was found to have produced seven children by his daughter whom he had kept in a room in the cellar. This case produced considerable consternation among the people of the world, although it is something that is practiced more commonly than some people choose to believe.
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