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article imageDay 14 of Israeli War On Gaza

By Sameh A. Habeeb     Jan 9, 2009 in World
Reporting from inside Gaza. In Jom'a Al Najar in Jabalia, five wounded and one in critical condition. Clashes erupted in Gaza City again. The Red Cross finds hungry and traumatized citizens.
Day 14 of Israeli War On Gaza
Deadly Outcomes of Israeli Ground Military Operation:
1-Bombings target house of Alyan Khalaf near Bait Lahia Cemetery.
2-Bombings target house of Abu Ubaida El Jarah, Hamas Police Director in Sheikh Ridwan area.
3-Airstrike targeting Al Zaytoun police station.
4-Bloody clashes between Palestinian fighters and Israeli soliders northern Gaza Strip.
5-Air raid targets a police station in Rafah south of Gaza.
6-Airstrike targets Information office for Islamic Jehad Movement in Abasan Quarter in Khan Younis City.
7-Rockets hit Presidential office west of Gaza City.
8-Air raids target several places in Khanyonish City mid of the occupied Gaza
9-Israeli Naval gunboats bombarded the coastal areas in north and west north of Gaza Strip.
10-A massacre claimed the lives of 6 civilians from Salha family in Bait Lahia.
11-Three Palestinian killed in Al Zwaida town and 5 wounded.
12-Heavy artillery shells target Al Toffah area Friday mronig and midday. Flames and fire set in many houses.
13- A Palestinian man killed due to his injuries in Khanyonis city
14-Fatema Saed,20, and Thoraya saed, 20, killed as Israeli rocket bombed their house.
15-Around 10 people killed and ten others wounded in Israeli naval bombings mid of Gaza City.
16-More heavy rockets and fire from Apachi in Al toffah area.
17-Bombings and heavy rockets target house of Husain and Amar El Za'neen in Bait Hanon town north of Gaza.
18- Air raids on the city of Khanyonis.
Loay Soboh 8  bombed in a car in Gaza
Eight-year-old Loay Soboh was bombed in his car in Gaza. One of his relatives was killed in the attack
Photo by Sameh A. Habeeb
19-Two Palestinians injured as Israeli Naval forces open heavy fire on houses.
20-Heavy bombings and artillery shells on the eastern part of Gaza City, town of Al Shijaya.
21-Artillary shells on Nitasrim area mid of Gaza City and many people injured.
22-Tens of drones hover on Gaza City and the eastern parts specifically.
23-A Palestinian killed and tens wounded in north of Gaza.
24-Heavy fighting between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters north of Gaza Strip.
25- Tens of houses bombed in Rafah area and more people turned homless.
26-New number of refugees flee to the United Nations school in Gaza.
27-A couple killed in Israeli shelling targeted Al Sheikh Zayed city which includes big number of populations.
30-Fire resulted from Israeli shelling destroyed a carpentry shop and Bus station north of Gaza.
31-One citizen killed by fire from Israeli sniper northern Gaza.
32-Palestinian fighters send son rockets into Israeli and a woman is shocked.
33-Al quds Radio: 9 Israeli soldieries occupied a house and Palestinian fighters targeted them. No news about the outcomes yet.
34-Air raids on Al Zaytoun area and a number of wounded people.
35-Israeli tanks advance into the Gaza Strip. More civilians expected to be killed if tanks enters Gaza.
36-In Gaza: No water, No beans, No fruits, No chicken, No rice, No bread, No Markets, No shops, No Medicines, No medical Machines, No enough Doctors, No enough ambulances, No fuel, No gas, no beans, no candlelight, No power, No Internet, No commutation, No aspects of …What's available is few amounts for domestic use inside houses.
37-Hiting the house of Jom'a Al Najar in Jabalia. Five wounded and one in critical condtions.
38-Clasehes erupted in Gaza City again.
39-Red Cross finds hungry and traumatized children beside their dead mothers for several days. They are in bad situation!
40-Medical Crew of Paramedics get some Israeli fire while going to Al Tofah quarter.
41-A million and a half don't have power in Gaza now. Destruction reached some of the power sources in Gaza.
42-House of Mahmoud Abu Suliman turned to rubbles in City of Bait Hanon northern Gaza.
43-Palestinian journalist killed as Israeli rocket his flat.
44-More raids in Zaytoun area now.
45-Israel rejects the UN resolution of an immediate ceasefire.
46-One of the Journalists buildings hit by drones. Journalists evacuate their offices now!
47-Seven houses burning at the moment in Bait Hanon. Many people are being affected with smoke!
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