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Op-Ed: Hookers Won't Need Bailout Flynt Asks For

By Carol Forsloff     Jan 8, 2009 in Business
Business may be down for the big boys like Larry Flynt of Hustler and Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild, but the girls on the street and the phone will likely still find customers.
Flynt and Francis, as we learned yesterday, are asking for $5 billion to help with their business, the sex trade. But we haven’t heard from the lassies they market. It’s likely we won’t, because I suspect the gals have their own plans that just might work out well.
A cruise down any special street in much of the world will find some slinky sizzler wrapped in as little as possible hiking down the street. A night with one may just be a phone call away. Even in the town of Natchitoches, Louisiana, there are hot spots because the sex trade continues in spite of the fact that the boys at the top are moaning. Their moans, of course, aren’t with pleasure anymore as they scream for help from government. But as the year begins the girls in the sex trade are beginning their 2009 business plans.
I cruised down the right road just as the sun went down in my little town. It wasn’t hard to spot the girls on the corner, in just the right place where one cop told me they hung out in the evening, starting early. The town council may deny the crime exists, but the beat cops know that hungry men can be satisfied in small towns just like big ones. So I went to find out what resources our girls might have so that they could get the right business information for maintaining success.
Now to keep going, folks need a marketing plan; and here’s one site that can keep some businesses humming. In fact if you check it out, you will notice that plans are being made for 2009 activities that have just been put up on the calendar.
Small organizations exist for women of the day, evening, or whatever that are devoted to certain pleasures of the moment for men with money to spend. But this Desiree Alliance is an umbrella organization that gives them special power. The group is comprehensive enough to have planned meetings and conference schedules with lobbyists and the like.
Now this is what the group wants from journalists, so listen up writers so you can meet your responsibility. The gals learned some important information in July, and one of them may be calling on you for a comprehensive story that will allow the sex business to thrive as the group intends. Here’s what the workshop material gave them, and you will notice the advice to include the media in their plans for this coming year:
On this day of practical workshops participants develop and share skills for effective action, including journalism and media work, grassroots organizing, peer-based outreach, organizational lobbying, labor organizing, organizing on the web, organizing within marginalized groups, fundraising and more!
The movement in the sex trade is international, so the business plan is a worldwide effort. Therefore this is world news. One group that may be part of the larger organization, Desiree Alliance, is COYOTE. This is how they describe themselves for those who want to know more:
"Call Off Your Tired Ethics") was founded by Margo St. James in 1973. COYOTE works for the rights of all sex workers: strippers, phone operators, prostitutes, porn actresses etc. of all genders and persuasions. COYOTE supports programs to assist sex workers in their choice to change their occupation, works to prevent the scapegoating of sex workers for AIDS and other STDs, and to educate sex workers, their clients and the general public about safe sex. COYOTE is a member of The North American Task Force on Prostitution, and The International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights .
So while the boys are asking for a bailout, the women carry on as business women with advertising and the like. The fact that they advertise widely, on their backs, on street corners, in phone directories and on the Internet, likely shows they are better prepared than Flynt and Francis.
In the meantime, as someone in the media, I am waiting for my phone to ring. Are you?
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