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article imageWhaling May Be Fruitless As Japan Prefers Tuna Over Whale Meat

By Can Tran     Jan 6, 2009 in World
For Japan, it would seem that whaling bears no benefits at all. It seems that the people of Japan would rather have bluefin tuna instead of whale meat.
Back in early 2008, one of the biggest international controversies surrounded the country of Japan. This is in regards to Japan’s annual whaling expedition. They would be hunting whales. So far, Japan has claimed that it is for scientific purposes. Critics have claimed that the whale meat ends up in restaurants.
Back in late-June of 2008, Japan had given the proverbial middle finger. It threatened to continue with commercial whaling. Japan had received the wrath of the eco-activist group known as Greenpeace. Greenpeace proved to be a thorn at the side of the Japanese government. Japan received the condemnation of the Australian government as well. It brought tensions between Japan and Australia.
For Japan, it does not seem that whaling bears any fruit. For commercial whaling, it seems that there is no economic benefit. It is because people prefer fresh fish than whale meat. So far, sushi bars in Asia are competing for bluefin tuna. They are going crazy for bluefin tuna.
So far, one bluefin tuna weighing in at 282 pounds was bought at an auction for $104,700. That is a sign that they are crazy for the stuff. A bigger type of bluefin fetched about $15,400. It would seem that Japan is big about bluefin tuna. However, it prefers domestic bluefin instead of internationally imported bluefin tuna.
But, that could still bring upon the wrath of Greenpeace. Greenpeace had said back in April of 2008 that the population of tuna fish is decreasing at an accelerated rate. Tuna is the main type of fish used in sushi. In that respect, bluefin is the main type of tuna used in sushi. The verdict is clear, the Japanese prefer fresh tuna over whale meat.
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