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China Mall Displays Phony Brands Bucksstar Coffee, Pizza Huh

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 6, 2009 in World
A new mall in China plans to unveil copycat businesses in their location such as Bucksstar Coffee, a Starbucks-like coffee shop, Pizza Huh, a Pizza Hut-like restaurant and other imitations.
China is famous for counterfeiting products and the new mall in Nanjing (east of Shanghai) wants to take one step further with copycat businesses that fake renowned brands such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Adidas, Porsche and others.
They not only phony famous brands but also have similar names like the ones they are copying it from. The mall plans a burger restaurant like McDonalds (it is not a spelling mistake), Bucksstar Coffee after Starbucks, Pizza Huh after Pizza Hut and Adidos shoe company after Adidas.
The Chinese entrepreneurs have even copied the logos of the famous brands.
Check the Mirror link for photos of the counterfeiting brands.
However, not all Chinese are happy -- many customers are angry with the mall owner and city officials and want them to take down these fake places after pictures of these fake shops were revealed to the public.
One angry shopper told the local newspaper:
Not every shopper is brand conscious so a lot of people will walk into these stores thinking they are getting the real thing...The whole idea of this mall is plain dishonest. Some fakes are done light-heartedly to be funny, but these stores look so much like the real thing people are going to feel cheated.
If the Chinese mall doesn’t take these shops down, the main brands will surely file a lawsuit against the owners and may even pressure the government officials to take actions against the mall.
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