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article imageExperts say Jett Travolta's death avoidable

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 5, 2009 in Health
An autism activist and Scientology expert claims Jett Travolta’s death was avoidable if John Travolta had given anti-seizure medication to Jett instead of being against it because of religious beliefs.
Previously, there was some speculation about causes of Jett Travolta’s death, and now many experts are asserting that his death was avoidable with proper treatment.
An autism activist spoke to the New York Post on conditions of anonymity. She asked for the Post to refrain from printing her name because of her close ties to actor John Travolta’s brother Jeff.
She believes that Jett, 16, had autism but John and his wife Kelly insisted their son only had Kawasaki syndrome as a toddler.
At the time of Jett’s death it was not clear whether he was taking medication, but autopsy results today will reveal the cause of death.
The activist believes the seizures could have been controlled if Jett was give anti-seizure medication.
Scientology experts told the New York Post that the church to which Jett’s parents belong would have discouraged the use of any medication for seizures that affect 25 per cent of teens with autism. Also, the religion doesn’t believe that autism exists.
If their claims are true and if Jett did have autism then it is highly likely the Travoltas might have refused anti-seizure medication for their son.
The activist told the Post:
"I believe this is something that was totally avoidable...There were such clear indications that this kid had autism...It's bothered me for years. The irony is not lost that Joey has committed his life to working with autism and disabilities, and his brother, for religious reasons, would let this happen.
The Church of Scientology teaches its followers that people with disabilities like autism are classified as “degraded” and they are fully capable of curing themselves without any medication if they worked harder on the church’s teachings.
John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston both denied speculation their son exhibited autistic symptoms.
So far they have blamed their son’s death on Kawasaki syndrome.
Rick Ross, a leading Scientology expert told the NY Post:
"The Travoltas as Scientologists - and very prominent Scientologists - would never consult a doctor to deal with the treatment of autism...This child lived out his life without ever being evaluated or treated, in my opinion. The sad thing is, perhaps he could have been helped."
Scientology suggests a detoxification process for treating autism. It gives a full regimen of diet and saunas, which the church believes is purifying.
But Dr. Adrianna Tremoulet, who treats Kawasaki syndrome, has never heard of such procedure in her life.
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