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Israel uses cluster bombs in Gaza

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 4, 2009 in Politics
Israeli defense is helping its ground forces entering Gaza by dropping cluster bombs in open areas. Israel dropped cluster bombs in the Lebanon war recently.
The Israel military previously used cluster bombs for two weeks during the 2006 Lebanon war. It dropped the bombs without telling the Israeli government, despite UN protests who called it “immoral”; no actions were taken against Israel.
Israel seems to have repeated it again in Gaza today. A video confirmed their use of cluster bombs in Gaza. The cluster bombs, unlike other bombs, cause damages for a long period of time and most of the casualties are civilians long after the war is over.
In this case, planes dropped cluster bombs (most probably made by the U.S.) to protect the Israeli ground forces, according to Firedoglake.
In September Congress approved a $77 million dollar deal to sell a thousand Boeing GBU-39 bunker-buster “smart bombs” to Israel. Jerusalem Post claims IDF might have used these smart bombs in Gaza to destroy tunnels and launchers.
So far, 500 people have been killed and 2,650 were injured in Gaza since the beginning of the invasion, according to Firedoglake. How many of them are civilians is hard to tell since no journalists are allowed in Gaza. With hospitals and ambulances also destroyed, these figures may rise.
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