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article imageFind Vulnerabilities in Your Computer Using Secunia

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 3, 2009 in Internet
Secunia is a program that checks for vulnerabilities in your computer applications as well as in your computer's operating system. The software provides a list of updates to correct any errors.
If you own a PC, you're likely used to having to update its software and operating system constantly. However, in most cases, software providers don’t send updates right away. Also, some applications from Microsoft and Google have auto-update features, but not all programs do. Secunia fixes that problem and tracks all vulnerabilities in your computer and gives you a list of Web links where you can get updates to fix holes immediately.
Secunia tracks vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 applications and in operating systems. They cover almost every piece of mainstream software.
Secunia gathered data from their 20,000 users and almost every computer (98.09 per cent) had one or more vulnerabilities. They classify vulnerabilities as follows:
"By insecure program it is understood, that there is a newer version of the program available from the vendor that corrects one or more vulnerabilities, but the user has yet to install the secure version. A vulnerability in a program can be exploited by hackers to anything from compromising a PC, to automatically install trojans/viruses, to sniff out private information (passwords, credit cards information, etc)."
To find the list of security issues for your computer, you can download their free program “Secunia Personal Software Inspector”.
Once you download run the program, it finds vulnerabilities and gives you a list of fixes (as seen in this photo):
Secunia checks for vulnerabilities in your PC.
Secunia checks for vulnerabilities in your PC.
Click the download arrow sign to get the updates for that particular application or OS and fix the security error. There is also an advanced tab for experienced users.
After my review of Secunia, I found it to be very easy to install and it checks programs in minutes. If it works as well as it claims, I would recommend you use it more than once a month to see the latest vulnerabilities.
To find more information about vulnerabilities you can subscribe to their mailing lists via the Secunia link here.
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