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article imageSome States Implementing Ignition Lock For Drunk Drivers

By Leo Reyes     Jan 3, 2009 in Technology
Oregon and five other U.S. states will start implementing a new law that will prevent or minimize traffic accidents due to drunk driving using a new device that will require drunk drivers to blow for alcohol test.
There is a new law in Oregon and five other US states that require motorists to first blow into alcohol detector device before they can use their own cars. This law will apply to first- time offenders of drunk driving rules.
Yahoo News: Motorists convicted of drunk driving will have to install breath monitoring gadgets in their cars under new laws taking effect in six states this week.
The ignition interlocks prevent engine from starting until drivers blow into alcohol detectors to prove they are sober.
The gadget costs around US$80 to install on dashboard and $30 state fee. It requires periodic test while the car is running.
Smart motorists who are over alcohol intake limits to be able to drive, can actually outsmart the device by letting others who are not drunk blow into it but if they are caught they could go to jail.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has been conducting a nationwide campaign to mandate ignition locks for anyone convicted of drunk driving, claiming doing so would save thousands of lives. But critics say that interlocks could lead to measures that restrict alcohol policies too much, the report added
Some groups are not enthusiastic about the law. American Beverage Institute Managing Director, Sarah Longwell said ‘We foresee a country for which you are no longer able to have a glass of wine, drink a beer at a ball game or enjoy a champagne toast at the wedding. There will be de facto zero tolerance policy imposed on people by their cars.
The reports say that ‘Proponents of interlock laws say studies back their approach. They cite a 2008 study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation that found interlock devices in New Mexico, helped decrease repeat offenses by approximately two thirds.
In 2005, New Mexico required motorists to use the device on first time offenders and they experienced a 20% decrease in drunk-driving deaths.
Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska and Washington State, began January 1 requiring the device for all motorists convicted of first time drunk driving. South Carolina began requiring them for repeat offenders.
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