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AIDS-denialist David Resnick defiant over follower's death

By Adriana Stuijt     Jan 1, 2009 in Health
AIDS-denialist David Resnick has expressed 'shock and sadness' about the death of supporter Christine Maggiore, 52, founder of the nonprofit organisation 'Alive & Well Aids Alternatives' who died on Saturday after fighting pneumonia for six months.
Resnick -- see him with Maggiore in the above video of their public appearances -- also wrote in his email to me that 'Christine liberated people with information...' , adding defiantly: 'She provided strength and support to thousands of desperate people and their families world-wide who have been terrorized and devastated by AIDS Incorporated.' The entire contents of his email are reproduced further down.
Los Angeles County coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter said on Tuesday it was unclear as yet whether her death was AIDS-related until they have conducted the post mortem examination. Her little girl died of pneumonia 3 years ago which the coroner had then claimed had been AIDS-related. A law suit by Maggiore is still pending in this regard.
Maggiore was heavily influenced by the highly controversial Rasnick (see him in video above together with Maggiore at public forums) and California university biology professor Peter Duesberg 's AIDS-denialist stance see
Together they form powerful lobby groups which continue to argue that AIDS is caused not by HIV, but by long-term consumption of recreational drugs or even AZT, a compound used in Aids treatment.
And, Duesberg claims that "African AIDS" is an old disease in a new jacket - and that a 'relatively immune population' will re-emerge from the ashes." It is,' he writes, a 'nutritionally or environmentally caused' disease. "
Disastrous effect on South African president Mbeki
The AIDS denialism emanating from the United States in turn had a disastrous influence on ex-President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa - who personally coopted Resnick onto his AIDS-advisory panel in 2000 after reading his views on the internet. Mbeki then took disastrous health-care decisions together with his health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang - including his turning down a five year long free supply of antiretroviral drugs from American pharmaceutical manufacturers, funded by the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates' father, who administers the multi-billion dollar trust, together with ex-president Jimmy Carter visited Mbeki personally at his presidential office. And Tshabalala-Msimang 's policy was aimed at Resnick/Duesberg's claims that 'African AIDS' was based on nutritional imbalances. She designed a beet juice and garlic cocktail with claims that this would cure people if AIDS.
Carter and Gates Senior pleaded with Mbeki to accept the offer in order to prevent HIV-AIDS in the next SA generation. Mbeki refused to listen to them, and dismissed them with rude racist remarks. Today, AIDS-related deaths throughout southern Africa run into the many millions. The presence of so many HIV-infected people in South Africa has spread the deadly syndrome-disease throughout the continent because South Africa is the economic powerhouse of the continent and thus draws many foreign transmigrating workers into the country who take the infection back to their African villages and towns.
75% of all AIDS-deaths in Sub-Sahara Africa:
Sixty-seven percent of all the new worldwide HIV infections and 75 percent of all AIDS deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and the US government recently warned that the growing epidemic is posing a serious security threat to all African nations now. see
Resnick: 'HIV-faithful would rejoice at Christine's death...
Resnick wrote in his email to me that he was 'shocked and saddened as were countless people around the word to learn of Christine's death. I had worked with Christine many years. "I respected her intelligence, common sense, and unflinching humanity. She provided strength and support to thousands of desperate people and their families world-wide who have been terrorized and devastated by AIDS Incorporated.
He continued: " I think Christine would might like my idea that the Rethinking AIDS and other websites publish all comments from all sources about her death. This will provide some idea of what the critics of the contagious/HIV hypothesis of AIDS experience regularly at the hands of AIDS Incorporated.
Christine liberated people with information:
He continued: "The hateful language appearing on the internet directed at Christine after her death is a clear sign something is seriously wrong. Christine liberated people with information. The reflex of the rabid, mindless supporters of AIDS Incorporated was to drive wooden stakes in her heart. All of us knew the HIV faithful would rejoice at Christine's death. They will not let any HIV-positive person die of anything other than AIDS. If you want other thoughts you only have to ask. Happy New Year, in spite of everything.Dave Rasnick"
Maggiore sued Los Angeles county last year, contending that the conclusion of the autopsy lacked proper medical and scientific evidence. The case is pending. In addition to her husband, Maggiore is survived by a son, Charles. Both have tested negative for HIV. see
Last year Mbeki was voted out as president of the ruling African National Congress party and was forced to resign from the country's Presidency, together with his entire cabinet.
The caretaker-government put in place until this year's presidential elections, has a new approach towards AIDS. Acting-deputy president Baleka Mbete said on World AIDS Day in Durban that 'people should use condoms' to prevent HIV-transfer. Condom-use had also been shirked under the Mbeki-regime. However, Mbeti warned that 'a condom must be used with each partner and with every round.'
The future regarding AIDS-management however does not look bright for South Africa: the ruling party has been split apart with a breakaway faction and nobody seems to be actually running things at the moment.
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