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article imageSecret Files Show Britain Feared Getting Crushed By Soviet Union

By Can Tran     Dec 30, 2008 in World
Today, secret British files were released by the National Archives. They reveal that Britain was in fear of getting crushed by the USSR.
After fighting against the Axis Powers (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Japan) in World War II, there was the Cold War. It was pretty much the Western nations against the countries that made up the Soviet Union. It would be Soviet Russia or the USSR. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it would go back to being Russia. East Germany and West Germany would go back to being Germany.
The Cold War was pretty much Capitalism vs. Communism. It was a war that would last for decades. In regards to the 30-year-rule, the National Archives released some interesting secret files. It showed that Britain’s armed forces were depleted. That would mean that Britain was at risk of getting crushed by the Soviet Union. In that sense, the files revealed a possibility that Great Britain could have become “Soviet Britain.”
The files explain that the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy were ill-equipped and ill-prepared to defend itself from a possible Russian attack. The RAF would only have enough ammo to fight for two days. The Royal Navy would not be able to defend against attacks by Russian submarines.
Then Prime Minister James Callaghan said it was a “scandal.” If there was a war, the files show that Britain could have very well become Soviet Union territory.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff noted: “The army in the UK world, until mobilization is complete, have insufficient forces to meet its commitments; after mobilization of the reserves, a process taking between 15-20 days, the Army would be able to counter the currently assessed Soviet land threat during the initial stages of the war, but lacking supporting arms and logistic support, it would be inadequate to deal with any more significant threat, including sabotage or subversion on a wide scale.”
One question that can be asked it this: If war did break out, what would happen if Britain did become Soviet Union territory?
Another question would be: What would “Soviet Britain” be like?
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