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Suicide Bomber Kills 14 Afghan Children

By Carolyn E. Price     Dec 28, 2008 in World
Imagine your eight or nine-year-old, on their last day of school, eagerly making his way home after finding out that he was promoted to the next grade level. Today, 14 of those children never made it home thanks to a heartless 'martyr'.
CNN is reporting that a car loaded with explosives, wove its way through sand bag barriers toward a security checkpoint and when it drew even with the beginnings of a group of children making their way home from the last day of school, it exploded.
A spokesperson for the Taliban says that one of their "brave" fighters named Qari Hameedullah killed himself, 14 kids between the ages of 8 and 10, a security guard and an Afghan National Army soldier, and wounded another 58 people.
Military video surveillance taken at the scene shows the 4x4 heading from one direction toward a checkpoint and the children heading toward the checkpoint from another. When the car met the first group of children, you can see the explosion.
A spokesman for the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan says:
"It's absolutely blatant. Children walking past, and then they detonate the vehicle bomb. The driver was able to see the children, there's no doubt about that at all."
A photograph of the bombs aftermath shows blood stained school text books strewn across the road with a pair of children's shoes lying underneath the books.
The top NATO commander in Afghanistan, U.S. Gen. David McKiernan, believes that those responsible for the attack were from the the militant network run by warlord Siraj Haqqani. In his statement, Gen McKiernan said: "The brutality and disregard for human life by terrorists is sickening."
Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned those that carried the attack out by saying those that did it "cannot escape the revenge of Afghans and God's punishment."
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