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article imageDutch labour party ends political correctness

By Adriana Stuijt     Dec 27, 2008 in World
The Dutch co-ruling Labour Party chair Lilliane Ploumen has just announced a change in its policy of political-correctness. If they want the integration of minorities to succeed, the Dutch must openly criticise all cultures and religions - even islam.
Ploumen writes in the party's policy-document towards integration, which will be tabled at the party congress in March, that their policy of political correctness has been misguided as it allows the underlying problems in her rapidly-changing society to fester.
The Netherlands, population nearly 17-million people, is rapidly changing from its original northern-European Christian-Judeo makeup -- and these changes are proving to be much more painful than its politicians had hoped over the years. The Dutch have always vehemently condemned the policy of apartheid in South Africa, which strove for seperate ethnic communities inside the borders of South Africa. Yet the Dutch themselves have also over the years allowed the growth of ethnic-neighbourhoods, where racial clashes between Dutch-born and foreign-born citizens are becoming increasingly frequent.
Over the past 20 years, the Dutch nation's ethnic-mix has changed to 80.7% "Dutch-origin' citizens, 5% from the rest of the EU (mostly German Christians); 2.4% Indonesian (mostly Moluccan Christians); 2.2% Muslim Turkish; 2% Surinamese (mostly Christians of African origin); 2% Muslim Moroccan; the Netherlands Antilles & Aruba, mostly Christians of African origin 0.8% and a range of 'others', often ex-South Africans, Christian-Spanish and Christian-Italians, and Americans mostly Christians, at 4.8%.
The record shows that the single-most 'troublesome' population group however are Moroccan and Antillian youths, in that order -- according to a 2007 report from the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Moroccan youths are the most troublesome:
Moroccan youths are 'overrepresented' by a factor of 5,6 of their population group in all the criminal cases. Last year, 4,570 Moroccan males aged from1 8 to 24 years were charged with criminal acts - many in reference to drug-dealing and human-trafficking.
And these youngsters also start this criminal behaviour much earlier than do Dutch-born youths: 15% (3,137) of all the youths between 12 and 17 years who were charged with criminal offences, had Moroccan origins, although their community only represented 2% of the Dutch population, according to the 2007 report.
Dutch-language sources here:
This fact has not remained a secret in main-stream Dutch society - an entire youth culture has already grown up on the Internet which addresses this issue often in very crude language between the two opposing groups. The polarisation took off especially after the World Trade Centre attacks, when Dutch-born citizens became outraged at scenes of Moroccan youths dancing and cheering while watching TV-scenes of the massacre in New York. Even Dutch and Moroccan rap artists have jumped into the debate on both sides - a sure sign that the next Dutch generation is already trying very hard to come to grips with this problem facing them in their schools and on the streets, even if their politicians and indeed often also their parents, are too scared to talk about it openly.see
The ruling Dutch political parties have been very limp wristed about the issue -- shying away from this public debate mainly because of the political assassination of the hugely-popular 'dandy' politician Pim Fortuyn of Rotterdam by a supposed animal-rights activist. See on May 6 2002.
And Dutch politics was still recovering from this horrific shock of having a political leader assassinated - something which hadn't happened here in at least 350 years or so -- when filmmaker Theo van Gogh was knifed and gunned down on November 2, 2004 in broad daylight near his home in Amsterdam by a Dutch-Moroccan citizen. See Both Van Gogh and Fortuyn had been warning publicly and frequently against the 'islamisation' of their essentially Christian country. Fortuyn, a Roman-Cathollic, was opposed on religious grounds, while Van Gogh, who was secular, was opposed to Islam because of its suppression of women. The animal-rights activist who gunned down Fortuyn pleaded guilty and thus did not ever have to explain his motives in public.
Fortuyn said that he 'didn't hate islam, but I consider it a very backward culture, everywhere under Islamic rule things are just horrific..."
Van Gogh produced the movie Fitna, (Submission) together with then-parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali - and also wrote a book on Islam called 'Allah Knows Best," detailing the Islamisation of Europe in considerable detail. Van Gogh's articles on militant Islam and Muslims also constantly warned of the mortal danger of tolerating 'Islamo-fascism' in the West under "a misguided policy of political correctness."
And the outspoken Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders -- see here - is still under constant police guard because of his criticism of muslim culture.
Geert Wilders stood up in Dutch parliament and described the Koran as the Muslim Mein Kampf - warning that 'this is the Koran's core theme ... it is the duty of all Muslims to fight non-Muslims; an Islamic Mein Kampf, in which fight means war, jihad.
"The Koran is above all a book of war, a call to butcher non-Muslims (2:191, 3:141, 4:91, 5:3), to roast them (4:56, 69:30-69:32), and to cause bloodbaths amongst them (47:4). "Jews are compared to monkeys and pigs (2:65, 5:60, 7:166), while people who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God must according to the Koran be fought (9:30). "It is still possible, even today, for Muslims to view the Koran, which they regard as valid for all time, as a licence to kill. And that is exactly what happens. "The Koran is worded in such a way that its instructions are addressed to Muslims for eternity, which includes today's Muslims. "This in contrast to texts in the Bible, which is formulated as a number of historical narratives, placing events in a distant past. Let us remind ourselves that it was Muslims, not Jews or Christians, who committed the catastrophic terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London; and that it was no coincidence that Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri."
See his movie Fitna here
Dutch ex-MP Somalian/Kenyan refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was forced into exile in the USA, where she founded the Foundation for Freedom of Expression, because it was just too unsafe for her to remain in The Netherlands. She fled after the Dutch government refused to fund her security, even though she is Holland's most renowned Muslim dissident and a former MP. See
Therefore Ploumen 's announcement that she wants the labour party to start addressing this problem more honestly by ending the party's policy of political correctness, only has the outward appearance of a fresh breeze of democratic truth blowing through the thick fog of Dutch political correctness. In reality, the party realizes that Dutch society has been supporting conservative politicians like Wilders whose party has been growing in leaps and bounds while leading this debate so courageously.
"The fault we may never made again, is to swallow our criticism of cultures and religions just for the sake of 'tolerance', she now writes. in her party's policy-document.
Wants Dutch government to run Islam-educational facilities in public schools:
Ploumen also publicly sided with local labour-party town councillor in the Amsterdam suburb of Slotervaart - a which is taking on all the aspects of a kind of mini-Moroccan homeland . The local politician wants the Dutch government to start paying for 'better-quality' muslim religious schools under State-control as alternatives for the '' orthodox little weekend schools' now available to muslim parents."
To understand the impossible nature of what the Slotervaart councillor is proposing, view the video posted above, in which Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains in her precise English why the Koran cannot ever be taught as a 'Westernised sanitised version' of itself.
Ploumen clearly believes however that it's possible to teach some kind of Dutch-censored version of the Koran, writing that "Dutch schools should provide the 'better-quality muslim education' after regular school-hours to educate Dutch-muslim children in the non-orthodox side of their religion.'
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