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article imageOp-Ed: Climate , Green House Gases Dialogue: Science or Demagoguery?

By Carol Forsloff     Dec 26, 2008 in Environment
There is a scene in the movie “Independence Day” where a group of people have gathered on a roof celebrating in spite of the fact that there are warnings about space ships that could have treacherous intentions
It reminds me of those naysayers who believe the global warming- climate change information to be bunk. In fact there must be politically correct definitions or the definitions themselves will be attacked.
Apparently Al Gore, his inconvenient truth and scientific backers are bunk, according to those who believe that climate change is nothing to worry about. So much for science and what it points out; folks will reject those findings. Scientists are accused of seeking financial gain through their proclamations. Certainly there are those who might, but the scientific evidence abounds and is increasing. It is easier to believe falsehoods perhaps, as we have learned also from the movies with one Julia Roberts character in “Pretty Woman” pointing out while in bed with Richard Gere that the bad things are easier to believe. In this case, however, those bad things might well be believed, in my opinion.
So with my third grade science abilities, as one of the naysayers declared I had, I will continue to take my limited notions and express my opinions. These are qualified certainly by the fact that my orientation is towards words and helping people, having simultaneously been a writer and counselor/educator most of my life. But it is through the lens of both professions I look at those things that affect people, especially those too helpless to help themselves or who live in those regions that might be seriously impacted by the environmental ups and downs that pervade the planet.
I raise the issue again because even the arguments about climate change will keep it at the front of discussion, where it belongs, as we sort out the other problems that plague all of us daily.
The National Climatic Data Center collects information and provides it online with fair comprehensiveness. It gives the reader answers to questions posed about climate change. There will be those who attack its findings, but the fact remains that they point to a real effect from greenhouse gases on climate. Of course, what do they know when the ordinary citizen has another opinion?
So what if I’m wrong in my opinion and there is no greenhouse effect or climate change? Well, then I’m wrong; and some money has been spent to find it out. But what if my opinion and those of Gore and the scientists is correct? That’s the problem, folks, because it’s a doom possibility. Given the odds, I don’t think I’ll dance on the roof.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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