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3,035 South African farmers murdered since 1994

By Adriana Stuijt     Dec 23, 2008 in World
The mutilated body of South African game-farm owner's wife Sandy Gordon, 56, was found in their homestead near South Africa's very first goldmine in the historic region north of the capital city of Pretoria today. She was farm murder victim number 3,035..
This latest mysterious so-called 'farm murder' in South Africa -- in which nothing was robbed and as usual, massive violence, often including torture and mutilation, was used against the unarmed victim, brings the total of 'white' South African farm-dwellers killed since 1994 to 3,035 people. South Africa only has 11,500 commercial farmers left due to this massive violence. Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch already started warning in 2002 that the South African farmers are the single group of people most targetted by mindless murders in the entire world.
Most of these farmers and their murdered family members and workers were Afrikaans-speakers. And in all these cases, the attackers were young, black males, often armed with a large variety of sophisticated weaponry such as AK47s and Uzis. The latest arrested 'farm attacker'' last week was a 15-year-old youth who together with his mates had broken into a homestead north of Pretoria and shot dead Mrs Laetitia Prinsloo in her bed, while she was asleep, and injured her husband, veterinarian Victor Prinsloo, so badly that he now gets around on crutches.
Ever since my retirement as a South African journalist, I have been recording these attacks from a great variety of South African sources on my own website see
Top US genocide expert says this is a genocide
This past year alone, at least 50 white homesteaders in this same region in the Magalies mountains north of Pretoria have already been murdered in often sustained siege-like attacks by large groups of armed youths. Often, these youths would arrive the farm and ask for the homesteader by name, and then gun the breadwinner of the family down in cold blood, often stealing little of any value. Often they were also gunned down from the outside, seated at their computers or watching TV. Also see
According to Dr Gregory Watson, an American genocide expert who founded the organisation Genocide Watch, says that these mysterious murders on South African farmers fall under genocidal attacks - even though such a small group of people is involved. He already issued a call in 2002, warning that these attacks were increasing in intensity, accompanied by growing hate-speech by government officials targetting white farmers, and would eventually culminate in an all-out genocide unless the authorities intervened. See his report and his video explaining the nature of genocide above, and here The SA government however calls these 'ordinary crimes'.
These ongoing armed sieges targetting rural South African families are also having a very serious economic effect on the entire countryside as it is emptying out the farms of all food-producers. These farms become disused and delapidated in a short period of time.
The number of food-producing commercial farms in South Africa has dropped from 85,000 in 1994 to a mere 11,500 this year, according to SA tax records. This has in turn also caused massive unemployment among farm-workers: 1,2million were employed on white-owned farms in 1994, only 360,000 now remain.
Most SA farm workers live on cottages on the farms with their often very large, extended families. The effect on the white Afrikaner families has also been devastating: many have left the country, but most now are now destitute and unemployed and live in religious communes, trying to eke out a living from subsistance crop-growing. More than one-million of the country's three-million Afrikaners now are totally destitute and homeless - and this happened since 1994.
Less than 1% of entire SA land surface used for irrigated crop-farming:
Thus the depopulation of white farms due to this ongoing violence is also causing a knock-on effect, with squatter towns growing larger every time jobless farm workers move away from desolate farms after such murders.Less than one percent of the entire South African land surface is now used for irrigated crop-production, causing local food prices to triple this past year. In 1994 about 6% of the entire SA land-surface was still used by commercial farmers: the rest of the country is not suitable for crop-growing for the marketplace.
See CIA statistics:
As in many of these murders of white South African land-owners, Mrs Gordon's hands and feet were tied up together with electrical cables - and a cable was apparently also used to strangle her. Police will still have to establish the exact cause of death with a post-mortem examination.
Nothing of any value seemed stolen - which also often is another feature of these armed attacks targetting mostly Afrikaner farmers. And less than 2% of these 'farm-attackers' have ever been captured and put on trial.
Her husband Frank, 58, who is a keen African art-collector, was in the city of Johannesburg on business during the armed attack. Her body was found at 4pm on the kitchen floor under circumstances which have not yet been explained to the news media. He was met upon his return by neighbour Johan Swart and hordes of policemen investigating the crime scene. Police captain Appel Ernst said he couldn't understand how the attackers could have taken Sandy by surprise inside the fortress-like homestead. The entire game farm is moreover fenced in with high-quality, fine-wired electrified fencing and the couple were very security-conscious and linked to the local, privately-funded, community-watch farm-security network.
The local agricultural community is shocked and dismayed, describing South Africa as 'a paradise for criminals'. Edwin Rowles, chairman of the armed neighbourhood watch for the agricultural smallholdings in the region, said that they have lodged countless appeals with the police for better rural security.
Their local police station has only two police officers on duty.
Crime pays
"We've had four meetings with the police. Lovely promises were made, but nothing has come of it."
"Who says crime doesn't pay? It's the highest paying industry in our country. "If a criminal is caught, he is protected by the government, the state supplies a free lawyer or advocate that is paid with the taxpayer's money. The investigation into Mrs Gordon's murder is undertaken by police inspector Emily Dipholo at telephone 27 11-278-8100.
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