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article imageOp-Ed: Raptors fans, don't expect Bosh to stick around

By Noam Sugarman     Dec 19, 2008 in Sports
Recent comments made by the Raptors' superstar combined with lackluster play suggest that CB4 isn't so enthusiastic about playing in Toronto.
During the Raptors' most recent non-performance against the Mavericks, loyal fans of the underachieving team finally lost patience and serenaded their heroes with a chorus of boos. The only shock about this is that it hasn't happened sooner. After all, the team, after surprising everyone two years ago by winning their division with inspired play, has been a disappointment in the face of even the most reasonable expectations. Last year they regressed, and the Colangelo Kid, Andrea Bargnani, played like a gigantic boy among men. Chris Bosh was pretty good, but showed for the second year in a row that in the playoffs he is a non-factor. And this year, after showing some promise during the first stretch of the season, they've been downright awful, and that couldn't be more true about Bosh himself.
So one has to wonder why the lanky forward was so pitifully taken aback by the vocal display of displeasure by the fans at the ACC, fans who have been incredibly patient with this team over the past few years. Does he expect them to continually sanction their mediocre play? Are basketball fans in this city to be forever pleased with the work of their stud general manager, despite the fact that several of his moves have already blown up in his face, and that he appears to have nothing up his sleeve to fix this mess, and that he's not even showing a willingness to admit that there might be a problem? If it takes a chorus of boos to get these underachievers to realize that they're not very good, then I say boo on.
But on top of exposing Bosh's weakness, this whole episode is starting to make me think that Bosh's days as a Raptor are numbered. I can't quite put my finger on it, but when he forlornly expressed his disappointment at being heckled, there was something in the tone of his voice that was almost reminiscent of Vince Carter; something that suggested that the big guy's heart simply wasn't in it anymore. Maybe I'm wrong, but it could be time to start shopping the guy around, lest the dinos lose him for nothing when he becomes a free agent in a couple of years.
And maybe it's for the best. For when you think about it, Chis Bosh could be one of the most overrated players in the NBA. The guy has put up some fantastic numbers, and has at times looked like one of the premier players in the world, but he has also looked weak, very easily guarded, and has saved his best performances for the small stage, dominating early in seasons and disappearing when it matters. His current play confirms that when times are tough and the team needs its best player to step up and lead them out of these tough times, he simply cannot be relied upon. So the wisest thing right now would be to trade him while his value is at its highest. If not, they risk losing him for nothing, or worse even, being shackled to a franchise player that simply does not have what it takes.
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