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article imageDrew Peterson Engagement Raises Question; What's the Attraction to Risky Men?

By Carol Forsloff     Dec 18, 2008 in Crime
Drew Peterson, suspected killing of two wives, gets engaged after newspaper notoriety and while he remains a central figure in a murder investigation. Serial rapist and killer in Hawaii gets more mail from women
than anyone in the Oahu Correctional Facility. Scott Peterson gets his share of passionate letters from ladies. Serial killer Ted Bundy got mail from women while on death row, convicted of multiple killings. Criminal love goes on under the covers while people wonder why.
Peterson is the recent notorious individual, who continues his life, calling himself a victim and continuing to look for love. Apparently a young woman was too, looking for love in all the wrong places, and finding Drew Peterson. Abhorrent as Drew Peterson would be for most women, given his four marriages, one of his wives presumed missing and dead and the other who died under mysterious circumstances, some women are attracted to men like him. Why is that?
Authorities maintain that the seductive appeal comes from some women’s lack of self esteem. They look for validation of themselves through alliances with men who murder or who are convicted or suspected of killing. This is high risk behavior that many women would run from as opposed to being attracted. But some women enjoy the thrill of taking chances and are seduced by men who seem charming, but are likely sociopaths, since experts point out that charm is part of their profile. But are these women who enjoy relationships with criminal types rare?
John Wayne Gacy with Rosalynn Carter
Gacy, a serial killer, a Democratic party activist, killed boys, not women, but had the charms of a psychopath anyway.
Linedel, White House photographer
The seductive ways of bad boys are apparently highly favored by many women, as "There is just SOMETHING about these guys that draws you in, even as your head tells you to "beware"!" says Toni Coleman, a relationship coach in Virginia was reported to say to someone examining the issue. The source examining this behavior reports that according to a Harlequin publisher survey 21 percent of women 35 and older believe they would date a bad-boy type rather than the usual fellow or boy next door. The survey also found that 31% of women with young children would take a chance on a bad boy as well. Experts say it’s the confidence, strutting arrogance and message that screams out, “I’m a tough guy; I can take care of anything and protect my woman as well."
Women like killers more than rapists, some claim. Rapists don’t get the sensational coverage that killers do, unless they murder as well.
Some women like to be part of the limelight created by a killer’s aura, enhanced by media focus, some experts believe.
So as Drew Peterson is once again in the news, will other young women, the group he likes best, vie for his attention if this latest romance doesn’t work out? Likely there’s some young woman who will again seek the thrill and danger of being with someone many fathers wouldn’t want to marry their daughters.
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