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article imageEvergeek Gift Guide '08: Videogame Systems and Gear

By Shaun Conlin     Dec 17, 2008 in Entertainment
Tis the season to spend money you don't really have. On the upside, a new videogame system or some related gamer gadgetry is a surefire smile maker. Plus, it's the kind of gift that will literally keep on giving for several years to come.
Evergeek Gift Guide '08: Wii
As it was from day 1, 2006, Nintendo Wii remains the underpowered, standard-definition darling of many a "family-friendly" home, mainly because it's relatively inexpensive, is just as easy to pick up and play as it is to put down and go outside, and because the odd sparkling gem / garish novelty of a game (cough, Wii Fit) comes to Wii just often enough to keep it relevant. More...
Evergeek Gift Guide '08: Xbox 360
Though well established and generally accepted as the new generation at its finest, Microsoft's Xbox 360 continues to suffer an identity crisis. Is it a high-powered, high performance, high definition console like the PlayStation3? Or is it a low cost, interactive entertainment system the whole family can enjoy? Truth is, it's both. But, with three different models at three different price points, you'd be hard pressed to figure out that the best holiday bet is the Xbox 360 60GB Pro, which includes most of the essential components and currently happens to come in holiday bundle form with 2 free games (Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda), all for $299.99. Heck of a deal. More...
Evergeek Gift Guide '08: PlayStation3
Still the most expensive and least accomplished console, PlayStation3 made great strides in 2008. It's now a very worthy purchase consideration/investment. With terrific online components for social/casual/serious game communities, lots of virtual content available for download, Blu-ray movie playback etcetera, etcetera, the PS3's full potential has finally been realized -- and it boasts trans-demographical appeal to boot. Could be cheaper, though. More...
Evergeek Gift Guide '08: Windows PC
Some of the best-looking, best-playing games are found on PC, sometimes exclusively so (or also in console format where they don't look or play as well). It's important to remember that the home PC was a networking social/casual/game community hub long before the consoles got on board with that whole inter-webby thing and hey, it also does your email and Facebook. The economies of scale have made the Windows PC a totally viable game console that doesn't happen to be a console -- though it'll jack into the HDTV there in family room if you want it to. Still, a real gamer-grade PC will set you back a small fortune. Oh well. More...
Evergeek Gift Guide '08: Essential Gamer Gear
For every game system, there is a gamut of gear to go with -- sold separately, of course. But assuming the hardware is already in hand, here's a batch of wicked cool peripherals hoping to jack-in and enhance the experience. More...
Evergeek Gift Guide '08: Seasonal Hit and Miss Games
Oh yes, 'tis also the season for way too many games to come to market at the last minute, all vying for your holiday shopping dollar, all betting you won't look past the pretty box art. In other words, it's the season of Russian Roulette game buying; maybe you'll score a hit, maybe a total dud, netting you maybe a big fat whoop of thanks, maybe a groan and a screwy look that begs to question your grasp on what is cool and what is stupid. Here's a guide to help with that. More...
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