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Mugabe spends money like water while his countrymen die of cholera

By Adriana Stuijt     Dec 14, 2008 in Environment
United States ambassador James McGee launched a sharp attack against Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe in an opinion piece in the Sunday Times of Johannesburg..
He said the Zimbabwean dictator is spending money like water on luxuries, while his countrymen are dying of cholera. The official death toll for the cholera epidemic now stands at 750, but well-informed medical sources say the real toll is undoubtedly running in the thousands now.
The outspoken US ambassador in Zimbabwe McGee, says Mugabe 'spends money with the greatest of ease on luxury products while the population is dying of cholera.'
He writes that the Mugabe regime buys hundreds of cars to allow each of his politicians to have more than one vehicle. Also splurged out on are plasma TV sets for local judges.McGee said Mugabe should use 'these scarce funds for purifying the polluted water instead.'
“The human rights situation in Zimbabwe is off the chart,' he warned. “One man and his cronies, Robert Mugabe, are holding this country hostage. And Zimbabwe is rapidly deteriorating into failed-state status.”
USA rewards Mugabe 's bad behaviour:
The Bush administration however still rewards the regime for Mugabe's bad behaviour: this week Bush announced that he had allocated another $6.2 million to help fight Zimbabwe’s cholera outbreak, on top of the $4.6 million Zimbabwe has already been receiving from the United States to address the crisis 'by providing emergency water, sanitation and hygiene programs'.
Zimbabwean information minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu meanwhile blames Great Britain for the outbreak, saying it was 'an attempt to commit genocide on the people of Zimbabwe.'
South Africa is now coping with 10,000 Zimbabweans entering illegally every week - and many require emergency treatment for cholera. read here
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