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Sex, Lies and Videotapes Thriving in Recession

By Carol Forsloff     Dec 13, 2008 in Lifestyle
During the Great Depression it was reported that people enjoyed having sex and going to the movies as entertainment outlets for feeling bad during hard luck times. That’s likely to be the case now
During the Great Depression it was reported that people enjoyed having sex and going to the movies as entertainment outlets for feeling bad during hard luck times. That’s likely to be the case now as reports show that rentals of videos have increased as have the sales of condoms. And lies? Well, we have had enough of those in the United States with lying at its peak during the 2008 Presidential election. If the past predicts the future, we are likely to see continuing increases in sex, lies and videotapes coming in 2009.
In August 2008 Laura Gunderson of the Portland Oregonian reported that videotape sales had been increasing, and that’s before the recent formal announcement by the government that there is a recession. As usual, it seems, people knew that first as they found themselves concerned enough about budgets and being thrifty to find inexpensive ways of entertainment. Gunderson writes that analysts predict higher growth in the rental of videotapes as the recession deepens.
Military officials in the United States have reported a significant increase in the birth of babies with men coming home from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. A vivid account of this has been documented at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This is an indication of sexual activity increasing when there are long periods of couple separations. On the other hand, that age-old fun to make those “buns in the oven” is likely to be focused less on baby-making and more on the fun side, as sales of condoms show. Those strait-laced-appearing Brits are said to enjoy sex as fun as the Daily Telegraph reports brisk condom sales with a 10% increase during the period from September to December. The Telegraph reports “analysts believe the reason for the increase is that a night under the covers is cheaper than a night on the tiles.”
India, it appears,needs more than hard times to enjoy protected sex, it seems, because the sales of condoms increased even more than they had been when cell phone ringtones began to recite “condom” frequently. Medical News underlines the fact that this is part of India’s attempt to control the outcomes of unprotected sex, such as sexually-transmitted diseases. But who’s to say there isn’t something going on about the inexpensive fun-side of sex in the minds of India’s citizens who certainly enjoy sex as much as any other people with the large populations as evidence of that.
Ah, those Koreans. Who would think that Koreans might be writing about sex and condoms right on the front page? But these days the need for cheap entertainment has provoked a worldwide phenomenon with condom sales increasing everywhere, that is everywhere there is a recession which appears to be in virtually every country where the rich are getting poorer and the poorer are getting wretchedly so. But here’s the scoop about those sexy Koreans. Sales of condoms have been brisker in South Korea than in Great Britain. BizTech headlines that Korea's major convenience stores have reported a sales increase in condoms that is 19.3% greater than the same time last year. So that spontaneity that folks consider goes with sex is certainly reflected in the fact that Koreans don’t think about it, they get to the nearest shop these days when the need for entertainment strikes and they choose sex for economic reasons.
How can a news article about sex, lies and videotapes possibly not observe how lies seem to have increased? News outlets like the Independent in Great Britain have reported large increases of young people who admit to cheating on examinations and not even feeling guilty about it, using cell phones to do it. And research shows that more than 90% of people will lie on a job application to get employment. It’s likely that we might find ourselves deciding to get back under the covers with a wink and a nod for quality entertainment with our significant others just to escape the onslaught of lies, making sex the leader in the category of inexpensive ways of having fun.
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