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article imageOp-Ed: Clash of interest on a virgin beach in India

By Armstrong Vaz     Dec 12, 2008 in Food
A tranquil setting welcomes you far away from the hustle and bustle of the speeding vehicles and the blaring of the horns.
A silence which recharges the mind and body as one sits facing the seas to refresh oneself eagerly waiting for ones favourite sea food to flow on to the table.
After hard day in office we decided to savour the delights at Dominic restaurant, a restaurant in Benaulim four kilometers from the Margao town and on the coastal village of Benaulim. The restaurant is situated fourth from right from the main parking slot at Benaulim village.
The restaurant holds regular musical evenings with local music, Reggae, pop, jazz dished out by foreign and local musicians. It is advisable to book your table if a musical evening is slated for the evening to avoid disappointment of not having a vintage point of viewing the sea waves.
Owner Dominic Alfonso has seen many a season flow, many a struggle. A struggle which stated some sixteen years back when he first started his Dominic shack at Benaulim. Eighteen years down the line when Benaulim craved for attention from the tourist world. A far cry, from the current situation to yesterday years. Today the Village beach is busting with tourists and lot of beach shacks.
Domnic has grown richer in experience and knows the taste buds of the tourists having talked his way through the tastes of the foreign tourists over the years. With the feed back off the years behind him he has come out with an exquisite blend of taste in consultation with his cooking staff. A taste which gels well with foreign tourists of different countries.
Dominic’s restaurant has had been an English people’s favourite hunt over the years and in the last couple of years the Russian have been licking their fingers with the taste sea food served on the plate.
Dominic makes sure that the customers have a look at the fish they want to select for their meal. The staff making sure that the different varieties of fish are displayed to the customers and the finer points of cooking are disseminated in detail. Lobster, Snapper, King Fish, Pompfret all come in various shapes and sizes.
Finally the fish comes grilled or ‘masala’ loaded in whichever way you want your fish to be done. The snapper and the baby king fish is loaded either with masala or grilled. Fish Rexato where in fish is stuffed with the choicest spices taking care not to make too spicy for the foreign guests is one of the Dominic features which differentiated it from the rest of the beach shacks.
The Goan dishes too are hot cakes with the tourists with King fish curry and Goan fish Curry are the most sought after dishes here. Vinidalo eaters too are in for a treat, beef, prawn and pork vinidalo is on the menu. Vinidalo for the unknown Domnic explains is prepared with Vinegar and Coconut as the major ingredients.
Then you add Xacutti. Xacutti in both chicken and beef is on offer at Benaulim shack.
Vegetarians also have something for the food plate. Vegetable stuffed Capsicum is one which foreign tourists like to eat on a regular basis in their stay at Benaulim.
With an ambience which is appealing Dominic is sandwiched as the fourth shack on the left hand side of the Benaulim beach. With a smiling face and customer care the utmost priority at Dominic it is worth the price to drive to Benaulim to have a bite of the choicest sea food.
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