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article imageGovernor John Blogajevich Speculated as Having Mental Illness

By Carol Forsloff     Dec 10, 2008 in Politics
Political talk show hosts such as Rachel Maddow and others are calling upon guests to substantiate past and present claims that the Governor of Illinois is mentally ill, is erratic and maybe delusional
Political talk show hosts such as Rachel Maddow and others are calling upon guests to substantiate past and present claims that the Governor Blagojevich of Illinois is mentally ill, is erratic and maybe delusional. State Rep. Joe Lyons, Democrat of Illinois, was on the Rachel Maddow show on Wednesday night, December 10, talking about the unusual behaviors reflected by Blogajevich during the course of his administrators that included calling sessions and meetings with little preparation, insisting on decisions being made without adequate legislative preparation, and finally considering making a deal with someone to buy the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama’s recent election as President of the United States. Maddow and guest both speculated on Blogajevich as potentially being mentally ill.
Because experts caution that it’s easy to make armchair diagnoses, they remind the public that anyone doing so must at least have the criteria for making it, and the professional designation to substantiate it. Speculation will always take place when levels of dishonesty are extreme, as Blogajevich’s behaviors have been described so Maddow’s show is preliminary to future discussions..
These are the characteristics of personality disorders, which is the term used to categorize and describe both the sociopath and psychopath. They include the following according to the DSMIV Manual, the principal clinical textual tool used by professionals in mental health to make a diagnosis. There is widespread agreement by mental health clinicians that lack of guilt is a primary factor in the character of those with personality disorder. One factor, however, does not make a diagnosis. With that in mind, this is a listing of the characteristics of those with personality disorders:
• Glibness/superficial charm
• Grandiose sense of self-worth
• Need for stimulation, with a proneness to boredom
• Pathological lying
• Conning and manipulating behaviors
• No sense of remorse or guilt
• A very shallow emotional affect - they display emotions they don't really feel
• A lack of empathy for others
• They are parasitic - they live off of others
• They are impulsive, and show poor control over their behaviors
• They tend to be promiscuous
• Their behavior problems start early in life
• They cannot form long-term plans that are realistic
• They are impulsive, and irresponsible
• They do not accept responsibility for their actions - another caused it
• Marital relationships are short, and many
• They display juvenile delinquency
• They violate probation often
• Their criminality is diverse
Governor Blogajevich has been accused of not taking responsibility for his actions, of being irresponsible, of being involved in criminal wrongdoing, of not showing concern for the rights of others, of having difficulty relating with government colleagues on both sides of the political aisle, of manipulating and conning and showing no remorse. These are unique characteristics that are likely to be used as the criteria for reviewing his behavior as talk shows continue to discuss the issues about the Governor’s behaviors and whether or not he will resign after the demands that he do so.
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