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article imageOp-Ed: How Can Obama Save the U.S. Quickly?

By Jamie M. Kisner     Dec 5, 2008 in Business
President-elect Barack Obama has a tall order to fill. He must be Franklin D. Roosevelt times 10 to make people feel better concerning the economic outlook. The news every day makes it sound like doom is just beyond the horizon.
In January 2009, President Obama will have many tasks at the forefront. Terrorism, Health Care, Energy, and Economic issues are some of the top public worries. As he forms his cabinet and gets ready to take the power seat, he must consider what if analysis.
As a fellow political science undergraduate major, he should be good at analysis. The question is are all the problems too many to rectify in one term? It took more than one term for FDR, so does this mean an automatic re-bid for President without any strong opponents on either side? These will be answered in the future, but first things are first. I believe that prioritizing is the best way to solve these issues.
First, the economy must be addressed because crime is on the rise due to the lack of opportunity. For the past year, armored truck robbery and murder have been a regular occurrence in South Florida. This seems to be a reaction to the poor economic conditions.
Therefore, fixing the jobs outlook will help everything else to get solved. For instance, health care is a huge issue, but it can be helped if people have jobs to pay for it until universal comes about.
Energy could be the way of creating new jobs in research, manufacturing, service, and construction to name a few.
Lastly, terrorism prevention will be assisted when the US is not dependent on foreign oil. The US will have self sufficiency and will be able to export more goods to increase our economic standing. Creating a cycle of efficient government will be President Obama's largest task. "Google for government" will establish transparency for citizens and in turn, trust. Our problem with President Bush is that very few people trust his judgment anymore.
In conclusion, President Obama will begin January with many issues. His well organized campaign is a great indicator that he will correct inefficiency and make tough decisions that will serve the nation well. The world and this nation await his arrival into the oval office with great anticipation.
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