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article imageCar and Driver Releases 2009 '10 Best Cars' List

By Nikki Weingartner     Dec 3, 2008 in Business
The list of the 10 best cars for 2009 has been released and this year: the medal winners come from both German engineering and American classics. Based on performance, value and emotion, the gavel has dropped and the "10 Best" for 2009 has been unveiled.
There is so much negative news these days and whether or not you are in the market for an automobile, knowing which ride is considered the best is always an interest in itself. Car and Driver, one of the leading automobile magazines, has unleashed its 2009 list of "10Best" cars and the winner is just classic.
Ann Arbour, Michigan is home to just over 100,000 people and houses the famed University of Michigan. It is known for its openly "left-wing politics" and very liberal policies. It is also home to about 30 miles of rural roads used purely for testing purposes.
For a week, cars are tested on three points: performance in class, emotional response from drivers and overall pricing value considering fun, practicality and versatility. Not every car is eligible for the testing. In fact, those cars that made last year's list are automatically invited back as long as they still meet the price CAP, but eligibility for 10Best is said to be determined on "newness and past 10Best success." All eligible cars must also be available for sell no later than January of 2009.
Topping the list in just about every aspect of perfection is the BMW 3-Series / M3, with its 18-year history of 10Best presence. With a price tag starting at just over $34,000 US and up to 36 mpg, its no wonder she is still on top.
Second place isn't granny's car anymore. The Cadillac CTS/CTS-V made a major impact on testers, because the Caddy hadn't been on the list since 1992 until its CTS was redesigned last year. It starts at about $2,000 more than the Beemer, a comparable EPA rating and up to 26 mpg. You can bet the term "Sunday Driver" has just been reinvented with this Cadillac.
Bringing home the Bronze medal is yet another great American classic, the Corvette. Chevy can sure put them out with their improvements in quality and comfort along with 638 horses powering the ZR1 supercar, well speed is surely what you will get. It starts at just under $48,000 US and boasts of just under a maximum of 26 mpg.
More affordable options that made the list were both the Honda Accord and Honda Fit, the sporty Mazda MX5 Miata, and the Volkswagon GTI. Each in this group had a high EPA rating, with the cute Fit boasting the higest in the group. Price tags here were all under $24,000 US and again, the Fit started around $15,000 US.
And of course, for those who enjoy luxury and drive time, the Infiniti G37 was number six on the list, followed by the Jaguar XF and at number nine, Porche Boxter and Caymen. The Jag topped out the pricing scale at around $50,000 US start and its EPA and mpg were the lowest on the list. The Infiniti started at around the same as the BMW and ran an EPA of the Honda Accord and gas mileage of the Cadillac and the Vette, while the Porche paralleled with the Corvette but on a much smaller scale.
So if you were wondering what the experts recommend to not only readers of Car and Driver but to all driver's around the globe, the results are in and the "10Best" list of 2009 is out. Drive safe!
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