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article imageGag Order Request Denied in Caylee Anthony Pre-Trial Event

By Nikki Weingartner     Dec 2, 2008 in Crime
In just over a week, the pre-trial events for Casey Anthony will begin in the 1st degree murder case dotted with leaks and bounds. A gag order request was denied and now discovery documents show Google searches for chloroform and "neck breaking".
In early November, prosecutors in the case against the 22-year-old Florida mother who is charged with killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony, requested a gag order preventing key individuals, including the defense team of Jose Baez and Caylee's grandmother from releasing certain information. That order was denied by Circuit Judge Stan Strickland, according to reports.
Strickland's ruling cited that Florida State legal provisions were already in place that would prevent either side from making false statements or statements that could otherwise skew a jury.
the state did not prove that national TV appearances by Baez and other comments in the media would sufficiently prejudice the jury pool [and that] "Even with a gag order the publicity and media attention would continue unabated"
However, the gag order request would have included individuals who are not accountable to the Florida Bar statutes prohibiting false comments.
Defense team spokesperson, Todd Black, stated in response to the Judge's decision that "Given the fact the prosecution has been leaking information almost nonstop for months, a gag order wouldn't matter at this point." However, Black did not make any statements regarding certain media information that was "released" to the media by his team and used as substantiation for the gag request by prosecution.
Other evidence connecting Casey Anthony to her daughter's death (pdf file) was released by the Orange County State Attorney's office, including:
March 17, someone used the Anthonys' home computer to do Google searches for peroxide, shovels, acetone, alcohol and how to make chloroform. Someone performed Internet searches for "neck breaking" and "household weapons."
Cell phone records include text messages in which Casey calls herself "the worst mother," and calls Caylee a "little snothead," according to the documents.
Casey Anthony has plead Not Guilty to the first-degree murder charge, as well as other charges against her in relation to the disappearance of, then, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony.
Caylee's body has never been found despite massive search efforts. However, forensic evidence related to the Google searches may provide additional links in the chain of evidence that is being compiled by prosecution. Decomposed tissue, Caylee's DNA and traces of Chloroform were all found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car (see discovery document link above for details on this evidence).
Casey did not report her daughter missing for 5 weeks because she claims she was "scared" and it was the panic 911 call from Casey's mother telling dispatch that her daughter's car smelled as if something had something dead in it.
Now the woman who made the call, Cindy Anthony, believes her granddaughters is still alive and has accused the media of nothing less than giving up on the little girl.
In a related news story, Jose Baez has brought in a key defense expert from the famed 90s defense trial of OJ Simpson, Henry Lee.
Casey Anthony "is expected in court" at 9 a.m. Dec. 11 for a pretrial conference, when it is also expected that the judge will rule on the other charges against her, including those of check fraud and personal identity theft related to her stealing a "friend's" checkbook and wrote several checks for over $100 each at different Target stores in Florida. She had also cashed a check at a grocery store. Her friend had let her use her car while she was away on vacation, which is the time that Casey is shown on store videos draining her pals bank account down to a "ZERO" balance. That balance is what prompted her friend to notice someone was stealing her money.
A trial soon to be underway, another Dream Team for the defense and tons of evidence that link Casey to the likely murder of her daughter, it is safe to say that the only thing missing here is a White Bronco.
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