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article imageOp-Ed: Give Harper a Break, He's the Only Voice of Reason in Ottawa

By James Raider     Nov 28, 2008 in Politics
When Liberal Party mouthpiece Gerrard Kennedy accuses Steven Harper of being partially responsible for the current economic crisis, you know that the depth of the once capable and powerful party has become too shallow to find perceptive talent.
If this is the best the Liberals can come up with, they are in worse shape than the last election suggested. Insulting the intelligence of your electorate is perhaps not the best way to get traction out of your confinement in the woodshed.
Harper’s Conservatives announced getting rid of subsidies to political parties. Harper also wants to control government worker wages. What? Someone is considering taxpayer interests in Ottawa?
Should we now be surprised that the party that got away with bilking Canadian taxpayers with a not so deftly executed AdScam, would seek to prevent Harper from reducing the Canadian taxpayers’ burden? Liberals are making some knee-jerk decisions that can only be the result of incompetence. And they cannot be serious with demands for bailout money, or suggestions that deficits are a conscientious reflection of Canadians’ desires.
Let the Liberals, with the help of the Bloc, and the NDP trip over themselves telling Canadians why they, “are tired of sitting down,” to quote Ignatieff, the assumptive and self anointed new king of the Liberals. Deputy NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s, “there’s no stimulus package,” suggests that the NDP has had the capacity, and unusual insight to figure out what a stimulus package should look like. One can only assume that Mulcair’s personal bank account won’t be dipped into to bail someone else out of trouble. Taxpayers are an easy mark. Someone else's money is always more easily spent than your own.
The ruminating opposition should give Harper some breathing room. So far he has not shown any propensity to panic, unlike other G20 leaders. Look at the mess Bush and Paulson have made of their bailouts south of the 49th in a climate of hysteria. To this point, Harper has served Canadians reasonably, and steadily, considering he has not been allowed a majority government.
We should look forward to the comic relief of listening to the opposition explaining to Canadians how spending another $200 million on a rushed election is good for their health and wealth. If the opposition continues its shameless diatribe, and pushes to bring down this government, it deserves to be relegated to a combined insignificance, by a Conservative majority.
Canadians should also not stand for a coalition government led by individuals they did not pick to be Prime Minister. They should not allow a motley crew of disparate egos, pulling divergent ideologies, any room in Parliament to fight over who will siphon the most from taxpayers for which riding, and in which Province.
Canadians should be treated with greater respect, and deserve a steady hand at the helm. They should also be grateful that for a rare instance in Canadian history, their Prime Minister is not a lawyer, and he has some grasp of economic matters, unlike any of his opposition.
Harper should do something he dislikes intensely. Address the Canadian public directly, simply, succinctly, delineating what he is seeking Parliamentary support for, and why. Then let the chips fall where they will.
James Raider writes the The Pacific Gate Post
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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