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Catholics & Muslims Create 'Faith Force' To Combat Religious Violence

By Can Tran     Nov 26, 2008 in World
On an interesting note, leaders representing both the Catholic and the Muslim faith are banding together. They are joining forces to fight those that use God’s name to commit acts of violence.
For three days, scholars and leaders representing both Catholicism and Islam have made this announcement. This could be deemed as historic and symbolic. It could forge an interesting bond and alliance between those of the Catholic faith and those of the Islamic faith.
After meeting at the Vatican, both Catholic and Islamic representatives have announced that they are teaming together to defend religious freedom and to nurture equal rights for many faith groups. However, their main aim is to combat violence committed in the name of God.
Translation: "If you use religion to commit violence, you better watch yourself."
It was two years ago that Pope Benedict XVI called Islam a faith that preaches violence.
As a result of the meeting, “A Common Word” was created.
Under this manifesto drawn up by Catholics and Muslims, practitioners of both faiths have the calling to bring peace, love, and harmony to the world. They are to condemn acts of religious violence such as terrorism. They are to condemn those that use religion to justify acts of violence.
However, it is unknown how effective this manifesto will be. Also, how strong will this bond generated by the manifesto be?
Perhaps this is the start of the creation of a possible “Faith Force?”
On a side note, there is a short film called “Faith Force V.” It makes a play on religious faiths working together. On a humorous note, it also combines elements from the genre of “super sentai.”
One example would be the “Power Rangers.” For Faith Force IV, think Power Rangers combined with Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, etc.
There's also an episode of South Park with a "Faith Force."
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