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article imageApple Rates Higher Than PC in Customer Service

By Can Tran     Nov 20, 2008 in Technology
VocaLabs has released evidence that shows the customer service from Apple is far superior than that of a PC manufacturer. Around 60 per cent of survey respondents are happy with Apple's customer service, compared to 44 per cent with Dell.
What type of computer do you have: A PC or an Apple Macintosh? These are the types of computers that are commonly used. Plus, Apple rivals the various PC manufacturers such as: Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu, Acer, NEC, Samsung, etc.
Both Apples and PCs are great depending on what you use them for. Many hardcore computer gamers tend to use PCs more than Apples. But, that is not the point of all this.
Regardless of what type of computer you have, there will be the time where you will run into problems. That is where customer service comes in.
Customer service is the one crucial service that makes sure customers are satisfied. If customer service is not that great, it may be difficult to retain the customer base.
So far, data released by VocaLabs has revealed that more people are happy with the customer service provided by Apple than the customer service provided by the various PC manufacturers.
Apparently, 60 percent are satisfied with the customer service from Apple. This is major compared to the 44 percent satisfied with Dell and the 37 percent satisfied with Gateway.
Overall, it has been revealed that Apple trumps the PC in customer service.
If and when you think about getting a new computer, you may have to think very carefully about what you want to use it for. From what the data reveals, if customer service is very important to you, the Apple may be the better choice.
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