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Jean-Claude Van Damme Goes In A 'New Direction' In 'JCVD'

By Can Tran     Nov 8, 2008 in Entertainment
Belgian action-star Jean-Claude Van Damme goes a different direction in his newest film called “JCVD.” This film is a step in a whole new direction.
For those that have keeping track of the newest movie trailers, there is one for a movie set to be released out to theaters on November 14. This movie is called “JCVD.” When I took a look at the name, I had no idea what it had meant. I had to watch the trailer. To my surprise, JCVD is short for “Jean-Claude Van Damme.”
Those that are familiar with action movies in the 90s should know who Jean-Claude Van Damme is. Those that are familiar with the world of martial arts should know who Jean-Claude Van Damme is as well. Looking at the trailer, JCVD is not an action flick but a comedy flick. So far, the trailer looks interesting. Also, it looks as if Van Damme is going in a new direction with his acting.
The plot of the story is simple; Van Damme plays himself in JCVD. From the trailer, Van Damme’s role is a complete 180 from his normal roles where he is beating the ever-loving snot out of fist fodder left and right. His character “JCVD” is an action star. The movie starts out in which his character is in the middle of filming.
At the end of the scene, things go south. Van Damme complains. Then he wants do another take on the scene.
This establishes Van Damme struggling through his life as an action star. But that’s not all Van Damme has to struggle with. He has to deal with the child custody case. To make matters worse, his ex-wife is using those action films against him. Her attorney in the case accuses Van Damme of promoting violence.
Overall, Van Damme is dealing with the trails and tribulations of being a washed-up actor and a has-been. This movie allows the viewers to get a glimpse of the reality of the “legend.”
This movie is a new direction for Van Damme. Hopefully, this film should be very interesting at best. From the trailer, this could be a new side to Van Damme’s acting.
On November 14, JCVD will open in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, and Washington DC. From the trailer, the movie looks to be a very interesting comedic drama.
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