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article imageObama's Victory Delivers A Political 'Shun-Goku-Satsu' To Christian Right

By Can Tran     Nov 8, 2008 in Politics
As Democratic nominee Barack Obama became the new President-elect, the Christian right has been dealt a devastating defeat. Now it is time for Christian right to “recover.”
With a massive and overwhelming victory for the Democrats and the left, a crushing blow was dealt to the Christian right. The Christian right was delivered a massive political “Shun Goku Satsu” with the US Presidential election victory of Democratic nominee Barack Obama, who is now the US President Elect.
For those familiar with the Street Fighter franchise, the Shun Goku Satsu is one of the most devastating attacks known. In regards to the US Presidential election, the Christian right was dealt a political Shun Goku Satsu. Other names would be “Instant Hell Murder” or the “Raging Demon.” Still, the technique is still devastating.
Being dealt such a devastating loss the Christian right is recovering and regrouping as a result. James Dobson, the leader of the Conservative group called “Focus on the Family” had acknowledged that he was grieving over the critical loss that he and other had suffered.
While the Christian right has suffered a devastating blow, it has not given up. This is something that is far from over. Regardless, the white evangelical Christians still serve as a large, loyal, organized, and highly crucial voting bloc for the GOP.
Like the GOP, the Christian right may also be facing an internal conflict soon. There are some members of the GOP that feel that tightly embracing conservative values will drive away both independents and moderates. However, many within the Christian right feel differently.
Mark Rozell of George Mason University asks if the Christian right wants to constantly be a force of opposition, which in turn allows them to raise money. He also asks if they want to work on issues where there is a consensus. Overall, Rozell says that the Christian right is at a fork in the road.
According to exit polls, GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona received healthy support from white Evangelicals.
Regardless of the loss, the Christian right does find some solace in California. We shouldn’t forget about California. So far, Proposition 8 survived and passed. For those not familiar with Proposition 8, it is a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.
In the process, the Christian right has managed to find support on the same issue from both Latino and African-Americans. While those two groups have given strong support to Obama, they were against same-sex marriage.
The Christian right may be able to use church and faith to create a bridge with African-Americans and Latinos on the social issues.
While the Christian right has suffered a devastating defeat, it has found new and interesting ways of empowerment. While it has been dealt a crushing blow the Christian right is slowly standing up to its feet and recovering.
It’s dusting the dirt of its shoulders and sallying forth. We can expect an evolution of the Christian right in the near future.
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