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article imageOp-Ed: Stuck on Sarah (SOS)

By Sherri Reese     Nov 6, 2008 in Politics
Newsweek and the other “Band of Brats” must be so proud. Journalism is fast becoming a clown act in the halls, or tents, of paper print and television studios. Since when does unsourced gossip pass as a news story?
Do these “professionals” expect us to believe that they would report anything that put Governor Palin in a positive light?
The election is over and Governor Palin is headed back to Alaska, but the attacks on her will not retreat. She is a real threat to journalists and to Washington, DC. Critics and Pundits can throw the word “experience” around all they like; reality is that experience can be gained. You can teach foreign policy, you can learn geography and history. You cannot learn or teach integrity and leadership. The truth is that Washington, DC is in severe deficit of both of these, Sarah exhibits both, and the American people know it.
The establishment media and government insiders can scream “civil rights” and “civil liberties” until they are blue in the face, but the truth is that they use these phrases only to forward a political ideology. No minority should dare to embrace conservative ideals and expect these same groups to sing their praises. Instead, the “civil” language turns to phrases like “Uncle Tom” and “Redneck.”
Here is another shining example of fair and balanced reporting. Here in Georgia we have been dealing with a water shortage crisis. One of the New York morning shows did an interview with one of our Republican State Senators on the issue. They sent out a news team and they insisted they get a shot of the Senator walking next to a river. The river in the footage was not the same river of topic, but that was not important. He spent quite a bit of time talking over the issue with this crew, but when the piece aired on National television they only used 6 seconds of him on air. It gets better, as they show him next to the river they actually used background music from the movie “Deliverance.” The maturity of the “New York State of Mind” is just precious.
Governor Palin possesses something these people will never understand and it infuriates them that the simple-minded, redneck, American folks are in on the joke where the Band of Brats or the punch line. The journalists threw all they had into the defamation of Governor Palin and they still could not convince us all of this grave danger Palin posed to our nation. Now they have resorted to using the kitchen sink disguised as “campaign insiders” who are now bitter and out of a job. It is amazing how suddenly such power is assigned to a VP pick. Governor Palin made some mistakes, no doubt. In the spirit of fairness, when her experience and mistakes are compared to Biden’s, Governor Palin looks like a genius.
So let the “Band of Brats” continue their temper tantrum. Let them kick, scream, and squeal until we can see the snot bubbles seep from their mile high noses. I look forward to the return of Governor Palin on the National political scene. They don’t understand the enthusiasm of the American folks who adore Governor Palin and we cannot help them. Traditional American values are exactly that, a set of values. These values live deep inside the fiber and soul of a person, they don’t reside in a college text book, a movie script, or on the lips of gossiping campaign staff.
My advice to Governor Palin would be this. Keep smiling and release at least 2 books within the next 3 years. I suggest the following titles; “Dreams of Professional and Relevant Journalism” and “The Audacity of a Woman Moose Hunter.” Newsweek and their fellow circus actors can just continue searching for the punch line for next four years. Let them stay “stuck on stupid.” I will stay stuck on Sarah!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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