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Op-Ed: Watch and Track Your Winning Candidate in the Four-Year Challange

By Paul Bright     Nov 3, 2008 in Politics
Will you watch your candidate and "read their lips" for the next 4 years should he win? Or will you continue to cheer for the winning team no matter what? This is a challenge to you, DJers.
What Issues Will You Watch For in the Next 4 Years?
After Tuesday (unless we have another 2000 election), the next President of the United States will have a lot to live up to. It doesn’t matter who it is; the two main candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, have made enough drastically different promises in order to win voters to their side. They’ve attracted many supporters throughout. The question is: who will track those promises to see if they have been kept, or who watches the watchmen?
I have a keen interest on both sides for a few of those promises. For economic issues, Barack Obama’s tax plan is what will matter to me. How can you promise a tax cut for 95% of tax-paying families? How big of a tax cut would this be? Or how do you offer tax cuts for all small business owners that make less than $250,000 so they can get better health insurance for employees when most small business owners are self-employed? I’m not sure how those will work out and what the details are. We’d like to think that by putting more money in your pocket seems like the right thing to do in order to secure our family, but how many Americans do you know made the decision to buy a $400,000 house on 8 bucks an hour just because Countrywide said you could?
McCain claims that he will start drilling now to show less dependency on foreign oil because he doesn’t want to give $700 million to countries “who do not like us very much”. But several studies show that it would take 7 years for us to get maybe 1% of that oil. Is that worth a barrel-for-barrel trade, or is he playing on the psychological idea that OPEC will drop prices once they think we can get our own oil?
Obama wants funding for school programs in the arts because he feels that they are important to education. But under the “no child left behind” initiative, many teachers have basically been forced to “teach the test”. I have several teacher friends who can attest to that. I asked them what they thought about “No Child Left Behind”. They liked the idea but felt it was underfunded. It’s hard to get kids up to standards when they haven’t all started on the right foot or they don’t even speak the same language. Does Obama plan on rescinding it or better funding it so that the arts CAN be re-emphasized?
McCain claims that Palin is going to “shake up Washington” and cause real reform. How will that happen if she is Vice President? The VP’s main role is to advise the President on matters, act as a foreign dignitary where the president cannot and preside over the Senate as tie-break vote. How exactly would she shake up Washington? Does he plan on sitting out a few months so she can draft up an executive order?
Many voters are single-issue voters. Mine happens to be foreign policy and our global strategy. Our economy is more global than ever. With positive global influence we can better encourage foreign countries and cultures to work with us against international terrorism. We could bring down prices of oil if global pressure on other heavy consumers like China and India can make OPEC think twice. My dream would be having the next President figure out how to use our OWN oil for less rather than sell it. With positive global economic policies we can acquire better technology to produce clean coal and clean nuclear technology. A positive global America can make these things happen; it’s what helped bring the wall down in Germany and inspired other countries to be more free and expand themselves fairly. I will watch the winner to see what he does to make America look better because I think that’s the TRUE trickle-down.
I encourage all of you, especially you DJers, to be the responsible citizen. Track your candidate and match him up against his promises. Look back at your OWN comments and see what you said back then (which would be now) versus the future when it happens. And don’t just look on the surface for sound bites; dig for the “why”. Remember “read my lips: no new taxes”? By doing this you and I can enhance our political credibility. I’ve certainly learned a lot from all of you on both sides in the last few months. Let’s keep it going for the generation right behind us.
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