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Website Exposes STD Carriers

By Chris V. Thangham     Nov 3, 2008 in Internet
A site called is revealing the names, sexual orientation, photo and disease information of those who have a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
The owner of the site, Cyrus Sullivan, started it after being exposed to Herpes by a woman who didn’t reveal she had the disease. He wants to post the names of STD Carriers so others don’t suffer the same fate.
The first person in the list is the girl who infected Sullivan; he reveals her full name, STD details, photo, the source he acquired the information about her disease and other pertinent information. Besides her, there are a few more people listed (mostly celebrities) who have disclosed their STD information publicly. However, Sullivan doesn’t want the list to end there -- he wants others to submit names so the spreading of STDs can be prevented.
With the launch of this site, there are those who are now concerned about it; they are worried information could be incorrectly submitted, thus damaging the reputation of wronged individuals. said the site is not necessary since the law already punishes an individual for not disclosing STDs to their partners. Also, there are individuals like Sullivan who get STDs for no fault of their own. If they have their names displayed prominently on a website, it adds insult to injury.
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