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article imageRumors And Politics: What The Future Pres Will Be Dealing With Long After The Win

By Nikki Weingartner     Oct 31, 2008 in Politics
As the political campaigns round the final turn in the race for the President of the United States, the once human elements that have been nearly nonexistent may fully disappear as both sides continue to look for that "political bomb." Rumors!
In recent months, political talks have transformed into what seems more like school playgrounds overrun by thousands of gossiping ninnies, spreading rumours about one another. Intelligent communication of the news has been riddled with opinions, twisted information and a barrage of accusations.
A news article today reveals that as the two round the final bend in the political race, there are still a few more rumors hanging out looking for their fame.
The said of both Senators that:
When John McCain and Barack Obama started running for president in 2007, they were two of the most universally liked and respected politicians in America — men who even members of the opposite party saw as decent, unifying characters — and neither of them inspired much loathing.
For the majority of Americans, this statement was probably about as true of one that could have been made. But as race began to resemble something like being voted off an episode of Real Life, rumors about both candidates have been used in an attempt to discredit their individual claims to fame and the promises that they would help this country become the best in the best way that they could.
Emails full of false claims pour into nonpartisan organizations designed to get the facts straight. Brooks Jackson, Director of Nonpartisan Annenberg Political Fact Check stated in an interview that "Obama is the subject of a far greater volume of these e-mails — as many as 20-to-1."
That may be because Barack Obama is running on the premise of "change" and for Americans who are greatly concerned over his background and his alleged political ties, the question of patriotism and reverse racism have them scouring for the bomb that will prevent his success. Hence, the rumor mill of stories.
McCain, on the other hand, is running on honour, so much of what is sent in on him serves more to destroy his glass bubble.
Barack has already seen his share of whammies. He had a lot to deal with from his twenty-year Christian relationship with a racist pastor, Reverend Wright, the man who claimed he had sex and used drugs with the senator which turned out to be a lie for money and of course, he is considered the Anti-Christ.
John McCain is reported to have never been tortured as a POW in Vietnam, campaign member fraud and that attempt on his reputation with the female lobbyist.
Whoever wins the election will have a plethora of crisis issues to handle and these rumors, specifically the ones that had some credibility. They will haunt the future president like an untreatable disease. Just look at the current president's bout with alcohol many moons ago. Yet people, or haters, like to throw that up as if its the biggest stone they can find. Obama is a known cocaine user. Does that make him a 'druggie?" Probably not.
Sure, Barack Obama's birth certificate says he was born in the United States but for head hunters, they will continue to believe that someone fudged the document all for that tiny bit of "kryptonite" that will take away Superman's power.
Some other haunting and yet unsubstantiated or debunked trash talk about the two:
John McCain was accused of directing a "nasty slur" at his wife. The story comes from a Democratic political consultant, who wrote about it in a book and he cites three anonymous Arizona reports as sources in the book but the sourcing cannot be validated. McCain is also accused of crashing as many as five planes, one that killed 134 sailors due to an alleged risky maneuver. No investigations into the incident have said that McCain had a role in the incident. The story was brought forth by Liberal partisans. And lets not forget the false reports that McCain insulted vacationers in Fiji, forcing them to listen to him read aloud the writings of William Faulkner. The source to this? Women and email. The story was confirmed false by the newsletter, CounterPunch.
For Team Obama, rumor control is still keeping quiet the alleged tape that Michelle Obama made racial slurs against white people. This rumor was started by a CIA guy who couldn't make up his mind about the source. Oh, and Barack Obama and the former opposition leader in Kenya are conspiring to enforce Muslim Law in Kenya despite both men being Christians. The smoking gun was a supposed email from Obama that wasn't even written in English.
So you see, rumors are simple stories that individuals twist and make up in an attempt to lessen the credibility of one while attempting to strengthen their own standing. And as the days come to a close, one would think that both "teams" could act like adults rather than childish opportunists.
Instead of taking their directions from the rumor-based movie Mean Girls, how about having them sit through replays of VeggieTales: Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed? At least they may learn a lesson:
No, these aren't ordinary weeds; these weeds are interconnected, and they are multiplying at an alarming rate. What could cause these wild plants to bloom at such a rapid pace? Why, they're just keeping pace with the rumors that are flying around town.
Maybe Larry Boy can save the day!
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